Tuesday, February 19, 2013

WDT: Use of Drones Raises Concerns

   As the debate increases over the use of drones in domestic air space, some raise the specter of civil liberties and Fourth Amendment issues.
   Drones used to stalk and spy on people. Drones used to sidestep privacy. And not just the government's eye in the sky, but private drones watching for all sorts of reasons.
    Makes you want to stay indoors.
Watertown Daily Times | Drones at home


Anonymous said...

Whats next, a stay indoors party at the Pearl St. Pub. Never know when one from Drum will be buzzing you.

Good reason to catch a buzz.

Anonymous said...

No no no. This country is not at all concerned with liberty or freedom. We are now a nation of sheep. Right here in New Yawk we have a modern day Mussolini, and we like it. Enjoy what we voted for. We will do so again. If you're not doing anything wrong, why should you be offended just because your movements are being monitored by a drone? All this is for your own good. Bahhhhhh.

Idi Amin Duda said...

But think about it 4.05....

We were tricked into it. We had a blind dude who couldn't do the job or the other guy. We were drugged to except the wrong answers. I think we should have stuck with the blind dude who liked to chase tail.