With Winter Ahead We Gave Peanuts to a Local Squirrel Who Was Quite Grateful

With Winter Ahead We Gave Peanuts to a Local Squirrel Who Was Quite Grateful
Clearly A Tough Winter Ahead

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

WDT: St. Lawrence Lawmakers Pass Feel-Good Resolution Against Gun Law

       It won't matter in the context of the entire state, but its clear there are rural pockets of resistance to the state's new gun law and that came out last night as the St. Lawrence County Legislature unanimously passed a resolution opposing the NY SAFE Act.
      It's an easy vote for lawmakers, but interesting as St. Lawrence County is among the most liberal in upstate and votes heavily Democratic in state and local elections.
      Organizers of the protest at last night's county leg meeting vow to oppose politicians who supported the SAFE Act......But before  she worries, Assemblywoman Addie Russell knows what anyone knows....You don't beat something with nothing and there is no real potential challenger.
       And despite the hoopla, I'll make a wager with you....St. Lawrence County will vote for Governor Cuomo in 2014.
Watertown Daily Times | St. Lawrence County okays resolution opposing NY SAFE Act


Anonymous said...

Spot onanalysi Mayor !!!

The LEGISLATURE in SLCis woeful and continues to pander to small but vocal special interest

The inability to address the overspending problem rather than raise taxes of ANY sort coupled pandering , feel good , meaningless catering to 150 rapid gun enthusiasts is testimony to just how DIRE the leadership vacuum is in THAT county .

Yet when push comes to shove Mario's boy will carry the day in the next vote . AS Yacov Smirnoff , the old comic used to say : Vaht a Country ;)

Anonymous said...

Let's pay close attention to the political contributions in the next county legislator election in SLC.

It will be easy to see who sold out the slaughtered 6 and 7 year old children of Newtown for a few bucks from A.L.E.C. and the NRA.

Idi Amin Duda said...

You know the real answer Mr. Mayor, it doesn't make a bit of difference if the whole county votes no for the Gov.. NYC will carry it for him anyway. That's the sick truth in it all.

Anonymous said...

But it's important to tell Mussolini that he overreached and made a fool of himself. This has big ramifications on the Fool's efforts to become the next Washington dictator. You don't know where this well end up. Don't be so smug, Mr Mayor.

Anonymous said...

The democratic party is fracturing. They cannot even hold a majority when they hold a majority. And now their Governor is rejected by their own side and by the opposing side.

Eve3ryon knows it was a feel god law that does nothing to improve safety and in fact harms safety by discouraging gun ownership. Hopefully everyone is aware of the lie about a study that claims you are more likely to get hurt with your own gun than to protect yourself with your own gun.

Max Volume said...

The Governor (and President) took an oath of office that they'd defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL threats, both foreign and domestic.

Afterwards, they BOTH trampled on the second Amendment.

They BOTH should be impeached.

Anonymous said...

Remember AJR pandered to the EMT/First Responder vote on this one, While a terrible tradgey it already is against the law, Just remember who voted for it Addie Russell.....................

Anonymous said...

Yepper 2:57. The framers of the Constitution took into careful consideration that we would have guns that could take out a classroom of innocent children in less than a minute.

The truth is: The second Amendment has written when we had muskets 250 years ago.

The question becomes how you and and your NRA buddies can put your head on your pillows at night, and feel you are in the right when innocent children are being slaughtered for no reason other than it is "Your Right".

As for the St. Lawrence Co. Legislature, they should be ashamed of themselves.

Max Volume said...


With a little luck maybe they'll trample on YOUR First Amendment rights next and only allow me and my 'NRA Buddies' the ability to post here.

And for the record, I sleep quite good at night knowing that cars kill MANY more people than guns do annually. Perhaps we should ban them?

Anonymous said...

Hey 609 I sleep good, knowing I can protect myself and my family, Just like they did when everyone had muskets...........When you dial 911 remember when trouble is seconds the cops are minutes away.

Anonymous said...

1:13: Go stand up in front of the grieving parents and grandparents from Sandy Hook Elementary School and give them that rational.

Just remember, we are all going to meet our maker some day and you and your leader Wayne La Pierre are going to have a lot to answer for.

Anonymous said...

What leadership St. Lawrence provides - as in no leadership on gun control, which has huge support nationally and statewide too. Great, the legislators willhold your hand for your votes gunowners. Then your candidates will lose again and again. Great job GOP. Great job.

Anonymous said...

Wow lots of testosterone here among the " little" guys with BIG guns and BIG Trucks ;)

the ST Lawrence county legislature are pandering to a tvery vocal minority of only 150 who attended the session in Canton.

In a county of over 100 thousand people this Illustrates that the overwhelming majority.( 99.999 ) percent are neither in support of the gun lobby nor interested in what they are pushing .

Ergo lots of noise , much heat but damn little light and certainly had little impact on anyone other than the "peanut gallery" at the legislative mtg.

The law is on the books and the majority in the state agree with it in varying degrees . Some modifications MAY be made but the bridge has been crossed .

Anonymous said...

1:13a.m.???....You are on this blog at 1:13 a.m.??? Boy, does THAT speak volumes about your social life or what?

Not only that, but you think the founding fathers knew about automobiles?

Is one of the qualifications to belong to the NRA is to have a room temperature I.Q.?

Jeff Graham said...

1251. It was a good time till your wife left to go homel

Anonymous said...

No 1251, it's higher than yours I took the regular lenght bus to school and not the short one.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...It seems 5:24 and Jeff are "buds". What is that about birds of a feather?