Sunday, February 24, 2013

WDT: SLC Continues to Put Different Shades of Lipstick on Their Pig in Bid to Satisfy Patty and Joe

     How much tax is too much tax ?  In SLC, the local governing class is trying hard to convince state lawmakers to let them have more.
      The problem with the proposed tax hike in St. Lawrence County is that it comes admidst so many other government mandated increases and it really cannot be justified on the basis of several years of alleged no increases in the local property tax levy.
     What the higher tax does is institutionalize a higher level of government and somewhat mask it all by having a larger share of local government covered by sources of revenue other than the property tax.
     When we all talk about the taxpayer, just who are we talking about.
      In Watertown, only one in five general fund dollars comes from property taxes. In some area school districts it's less than one in ten.
      So while we talk about property tax stability and relief, we are all being terribly misleading.
       The infusion of extra money from the sales tax will mask for a time the cost of so much government, and it will avoid the unpopular subject of cutting public sector positions.
      All the talk of satisfying state lawmakers that the "taxpayers" won't be affected by the largest single tax hike in local history is specious.
       The real reason is this hike eliminates the need for any tough decisions for the next five or six years. If that's sufficient rationale for doing it, then go ahead.
        If you are saying that's exactly what you did ten years ago in Jefferson County, I would say, 'yes we did'.
Daily Times | St. Lawrence County adjusting five-year tax plan

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Anonymous said...

It is an out an out demonstration of MANAGERIAL and LEADERSHIP weakness on the part of the legislature and County administration .

Any sales tax will be paid primarily and overwhelmingly by SLC residents NOT visitors . What in blazes will visitors be attracted to??? Prisons , perv resorts , a very margi nal shopping mall ? What will be the HUGE draw that will swell the coffers ?? This county government LACKS the intestinal fortitude to say NO , ENOUGH , our population is declining , aging and on fixed incomes . There is little to NO growth now and the projected increase in SALES tax chargee WILL NOT stimulate growth . It is a REGRESSIVE tax that only serves to HURT taxpayers , while FATTENING the bloated government that WILL NOT make the necessary cuts to operations and eliminate redundancies and inefficiencies because the LE GISLSTORS are BE HOLDEN to special interests NOT the general public .

Our property taxes will NOT be effectively lowered and we will all suffer this outrage of a one percent increase in our personal budgets WITHOUT ANY accrued benefit

SHAMEFUL lack of will on the part of our so called representatives ! SAY NO to the increse and do what is right for we the people. CUT THE BUDGET to match the EXISTING revenue stream . Thats what we have to do