Thursday, February 28, 2013

WDT: Ritchie meets with St. Lawrence Pols on Sales Tax

     The proposed sales tax increase in St. Lawrence County is just that. A tax increase.
That's OK if that's what you want to allow the County to continue providing services at present levels with relatively stable property taxes for the next few years.
       It's the politics that's difficult, because no matter how you frame it, it will be the biggest single tax increase in county history, if someone wants to use it against you.
        Getting all sorts of assurances about offsetting other taxes is a parlor game to inocculate against future opponents.
         In fact, isn't the county legislator negotiating all this with Senator Ritchie related to her opponent in the last election ?
         It's going to pass. The current dance is part of the exercise.
Watertown Daily Times | Ritchie meets with St. Lawrence County on sales tax


Anonymous said...

Nonsense. When Cuomo raised taxes he simply lied and said he cut them and the MSN repeated it over and over again for him. Just like pension smoothing is the new term for pension raiding.

So all Ritchie has to do is propose cutting property taxes a smidgen, in conjunction with the sales tax increase. Then do a press release that she "cut taxes".

She won 70% of the vote so who is going to use anything against her? The demcRAT that has an eye on her job?

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

It's interesting to watch Sen. Ritchie eat crow and act like a Democrat to raise cash for St. Lawrence County by increasing the Sales Tax. Republicans never can quite follow through on not increasing taxes when push comes to shove to balance budgets. Why criticize Pres. Obama and the Democrats when they talk about the need to raise revenues by increasing taxes? At least Gov. Cuomo gave them an 'Option' but they'd rather raise taxes period.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

? said...

The first poster has a point. That's what makes most of us angry Mike, telling us the taxes are going down and tweaking other bills to include new taxes. Sure it is nothing to do with you, still it is nothing to brag about. You brag up the Dems way to much. It's like bragging up the Cubs all the time and saying this will be the year.

Anonymous said...

Gee MCMikey didnt you get taken to school by the mayor today on the Hotline??????? Whats more taxes right, just like Addie MCM didnt meet a tax he didnt like.

Anonymous said...

Mikey really got his a$$ handed to him by Jeff today on the Hotline. That's why you should never lie Mikey...because then you don't need to remember every lie you told. You Lie so much you need to remember EVERTHING you say.

The good thing about sales tax is that it is progresive. While the poor don't pay any income tax on the freestuff they get. They don't pay any sales tax on food, medicine or during clothing tax holidas.

But The Ritch pay taxes when they earn it and then again when they spend it.

The rich by more expensive cars and baots and additions on thier island homes. all at the hire sales tax rate.

They have the best cable and RR service. and they have it at their summer homes and the winter homes and at their office and the second or third office too.

They pay the tax on the maintenance on their business and on their homes too.

Veeeeeeeery progressive.

Anonymous said...

MCM was making an point that the Mayor turned into an attack on MCM. MCM never pushed for a Sales Tax increase like Ritchie is voting for, yes that's a Tax increase in the St. Lawrence Sales Tax? How'd that happen after she said she wouldn't vote for an increase in taxes. The Republican Senator Ritchie acted just like a Democrat is accused of acting, she's raisig taxes for the money she can't get out of Albany, NY.