Friday, February 15, 2013

WDT: PILOT forces Air Brake to pay $183,726 more in taxes

    New York Air Brake's PILOT agreement is an oddity as it resulted in taxes higher than what would be paid under normal taxation. The firm has the option of just ending the PILOT, which would seem the most logical and simple resolution as we all want the firm to continue as a cornerstone of local employment.
   Watertown Daily Times | PILOT forces Air Brake to pay $183,726 more in taxes


Anonymous said...

And in other news...the rest of us pay higher taxes because of all the other PILOTS.

Anonymous said...

I agree it is simple and logical. Why, then would Roxanne Burns and the council be such an impediment to the process? Last night was the deadline. Doesn't the council care about employers with high wage jobs? The council is sending a terrible message.

Jeff Graham said...

What message is that ? The matter was never presented to the three taxing jurisdictions for consideration, much less a vote.
A document was emailed to Ms. Fitzptrick, Mr. Flick and myself asking we sign all seven copies in front of a notary ASAP.
I don't sign things that have not been reviewed by counsel, and deliberated and voted on by the City Council.
A county legislator says their body had never been presented an amendment.
No one was an impediment to anything, but there are those nasty things like due diligence and due process.

Anonymous said...

I don't really care about companies paying more in taxes. NObody pays taxes when we can shift the burden to corporations. We hate business. We'll teach them AirBrake folks to do business here in NEEEWW YYYYAAAWWWWKKKKKK.

The fact that most business has left is no concern of mine. I have a government job.

A smart Democrat

Anonymous said...

Air brake pays high wages???
It is time to send that old sweat shop packing to China. I think they did enough to our environment already. The jobs there are hard. No one should have to work that our country.

Anonymous said...

3:41PM- If it wasn't hard it wouldn't be called work.

Anonymous said...

Ezzactly! No one should have to work in our country. Wall Street can pay our way...and the ubers.

Anonymous said...

Yes yes, fewer AirBrakes, more Taco Bells and Dollar Stores.

Unionized of course with biggie minimum wages.