Thursday, February 14, 2013

WDT: Lewis committee shows little interest in tax installment plans

        Allowing a property owner to pay taxes on a monthly basis may not be for everyone, but its one more way for local government to be customer friendly. Offering people options is done in the private sector and there is no harm in a local taxing entity doing the same.
      Lewis County sounds like they are going to reject such a plan. I hope its not just because the bureacracy doesn't want to bother setting it up.
Watertown Daily Times | Lewis committee shows little interest in tax installment plans

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Anonymous said...

I could be snide here and say something to the effect that by doing so the county would be admitting that taxes are way too high. But they already know that. Look at the county budget and see where the expenses are. Medicaid, pensions and head start. Eliminate those 3 boondoggles and our taxes would be next to nothing. Medicaid is forced on the counties by the State with no State funding, the pension plans were forced on us by the unions with complicity from the legislators and head start is another worthless program. Yes I know,about all of the studies showing what a great advantage head start kids have when going into first grade. What they don't tell you is that by second and third grade, that "advantage" disapears.