Sunday, February 24, 2013

WDT: King's Message Apropos to All

    "We have to learn to be more civil", Dr. King's son told a crowd in Watertown last night.
     We could start with the carte blanche some feel when they are anonymously commenting on blogs.
Watertown Daily Times | Martin Luther King III speaks to full house Saturday


Anonymous said...

Interesting thought...
“It’s never the most talented person who succeeds. It’s always the one who works the hardest.”

He conveniently forgot about all the people who "succeed" simply because of who their father was.

MLK the III, certainly seems to uphold the first half of the above quoted axiomatic observation. And we might add, he has no interest in thinking outside of the librul box.

What could be more civil than vehemently defending that which made us civilized, while calling out those who would destroy it?

Be it the right to bear arms or the rule of law. The benefits of not having babies as a teenager or the befits of not doing drugs.

Each and every stance by the librul is an assault on civility.

When their cities fall in ruins and their inhabitants behave like savages, they blame racism and capitalism.

When the schizophrenics they fought hard to mainstream, massacre people in theaters and children in grade schools, they react by making a grab for the only thing that surely makes all people equal...GUNS.

The most basic of all civil rights is the right to defend yourself from aggressors. And when the uncivilized gangs kill people in Chicago, the librul reacts by taking away the rights and ability of the victims to defend themselves. Civility? Not in my book.

Greatness is not an inherited trait.

Anonymous said...

11:34 is on it. We are facing Libs who seek to dictate how others live. No better example than the fat boy in the brown coat. Party first, country down the list, freedom WAY down the list.

We have just BEGUN to be uncivil.

Anonymous said...

Yes lets be civil and not judging each other by race or playing the race card.

Lets be civil, to see that we had no choice, with which skincolor we are born.

Lets be civil, by respecting each other and have no race preferences no more.

Lets be civil and not insult one race in comedy because your race can.

Lets be civil, by not counting skincolour for beautycontests - What an outcry would that be, if theire would be a white beauty queen contest for example- or elections, or college adminations or civil exams.

Lets be civil by stopping reverse racism also.

Martin Luther KIng had it right: We should be judged by our character.....

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

Civilized behavior doesn’t include slander and lies:

Mayor Graham as a commenter on this blog for years now, I've seen it degenerate into a forum of name calling, instead of idea sharing or position presenting. I see guys like Dannie and myself attacked on a personal basis by a click that seems to pretend they have the inside track on who's ANON and who’s not ANON, as they attack me even if I’m not there. They’re the ones that want a safe perch to attack people from which seems pretty unfair to me. What's good for the goose is good for the gander, but evidently not here. If you bring a club, expect to get clubbed, civilized or not, these people scream about the right to self-defense everyday here. I have the same right.

I have repeatedly asked certain ANON posters to stop the personal diatribes and just present their opinions in their commentary. If you want to launch a campaign of slander, go elsewhere has been my advice. I'm accused by some out of control ANON of plagiarizing my writing which everyone knows is nonsense. He hasn't offered any proof of this, except a few weak attempts which I've debunked. I can't let myself be a sitting duck for people like them. They aren't logical, but weld mistruths and to bludgeon with, and as I say Dannie is victimized continually as well by these same ANON posters. It's obvious to me they don't like what they dish out. I am a supporter of a civilized approach, but let's everyone take that civilized approach, and prove it when they comment by being civilized.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

“Friday’s Right Wing Racist rant by Glenn Curry on Radio's 'Live at Five' was ill Advised”

How sad that Mr. King had to speak to this audience, the day after this Friday when 'Live at Five' Host Glenn Curry made another racist pitch to his audience that focused on a 'White Congress' being more concerned with the countries welfare than a black President Obama. Glenn Curry has drawn the line in the sand and is now playing the race card in reverse every day, holding up a black President to ridicule and a daily assault on the facts, while using fiction to advance his racist interpretation of what NNY is versus downstate. He's getting away with it and Mr. Levine lets it happen. I've asked to speak to Mr. Levine but still no return call from him to verify he's monitoring this and other uncivilized content.

The daily attacks in racist speak by Curry, are the tip of the iceberg. The latest assaults from the 'Live at Five' Host Glenn Curry, who isn't from the area himself, have pitted locals against downstaters. Downstate's who are portrayed as NYC liberals and Democrats who undermine the American dream. People like me are misrepresented daily. And there are others who won't even call his show periodically like I do and I'm very sparing about it believe me. I call occasionally to prick the bubble of ignorance and racism that Curry promotes in the name of being a Fox centric station.

Watertown’s 'Live at Five' host Glenn Curry believes the majority of his small audience to be 'Right Wing' semi automatic weapon owners and for good reason; they constantly call him. As recently as Friday a caller offered implied threats to his maintaining employment as host, if he didn’t hear Mr. Curry spouting his dialogue of political and racial hatred to the local audience.

He bought up the fact that Mr. Curry lost his job years ago, for being 'Howard Stern' like, which I guess meant being, a downstate, liberal, Jewish radio Host of a liberal NYC national radio show' which evidently meant, it better never happen again. Amazingly Curry consoled him with the idea he had learned his lesson and would never be out of control again at 'Live at Five' in Watertown.

Is this what we want in Watertown, a locally provincial and racist interpretation of the World at large? Glenn Curry obviously thinks so as Host of 'Live at Five' daily at 5:00PM on 1240AM radio.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Hello - if you had been there OR read the article correctly you would know that it was one of the musicians from Black Violin. - the group that played before King spoke - that spoke the quote you have cited. Lets be quick to criticize- especially those who arr different from us....

Anonymous said...

No one commenting here attributed the quote to king. If you read the comments correctly you would know...

Lets be quick to criticize- especially those who...made valid points we cannot refute.