Tuesday, February 19, 2013

WDT: Burger Story a Symptom for the MSM

      The danger the Internet poses to local media was on display this week with the story about nine-patty burgers being test marketed locally and being reported on internationally in the Daily Mail On-Line, while local media didn't get around to covering the novelty story till a week or so later.
       There was a time not long ago when all sorts of news, from public record filings to inane novelty stories, could be sat on and become news on the gatekeeper's schedule.
       That has changed as consumers find things themselves on the Net, often with the help of aggregators like Newzjunky or Drudge.
       Old News offers a level of depth that has value, but competing in real time is a mantra for survival and success these days.
        Without meaning to be offensive, when I saw the Jake's Burger story locally today, I said to myself, gee that's old news, as I read it elsewhere days ago.
Watertown Daily Times | Triple-Triple Burger provides spectacle at Jake’s Wayback Burgers

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