Tuesday, February 26, 2013

WDT: Air Brake Shuffle to Bring Fifty Jobs Here

    A long time neighbor of mine....New York Air Brake....is consolidating its Kingston, Ontario operation at its Watertown plant and that could mean fifty additional jobs.
      The company's new president is a bright guy who is local and is committed to making the facility prosper here.

I have been a direct neighbor to the plant since I opened my business on Pearl Street in 1985. Throughout the years, NYAB has been a good neighbor and it looks like that will continue.
Daily Times | Air Brake closing Ontario plant; 50 jobs moving to Watertown


Anonymous said...

Imagine how bad it has to suck doing bidness in Canada, that things look better in New York State?

? said...

You ever see the taxes they pay in Canada? Really have you? Why do you think Canadians come over here on Sunday to by food for the week?