Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

      You know I'd like to be on that Carnival Cruise...That's a vacation you can talk about for years !
       I see the NYS Assembly is now pushing a $9 minimum wage with indexing....Let's make it $10. End the madness !
       I am at Pete's where Caitlyn got a dozen roses (11red and one white) from Gray's.
       I have to work tonight...hope its busy.. tomorrow night too...
        Tomorrow I have an early meeting and then I am reading to kids up at the Park.
        My new tenant moves in this weekend, which is great. Other than that , nothing big happening.


Anonymous said...

A person making minimum wage, especially a woman, can qualify for an unlimited number of programs and FreeStuff. They can get their residence paid for, free heat, free food, free electicity, NO taxes ever, free phone, free car, free gas, free health insurance, money for the kids, dental, it all comes for being, well, being there. As long as they don't make too much it all comes for nothing, courtesy of people who work. In addition, with Earned Income Credit, they get huge refunds for taxes even if they didn't pay any. How cool is that? Why would a Mikey type care if minimum wage went from $8 to $9 or $10 or $11 or whatever level? It matters not. It is meant as an entry level wage. Not something people would live on. If you are trying to live on it you're a fool. Just as you're a fool if you think raising the level matters. It's just another feel good lie by the Dumbasses.

Anonymous said...

Right you are 7:55 PM.

Anonymous said...

All this is meant to do is secure the vote of the people who don't work, much. And don't finish school. And live on the edge and have no intention of bettering themselves. You know. Standard Democrat voters.