Friday, February 22, 2013

Times Union:The Employer Fights Back....Defrocked DOT Worker Gets an Earfull from Andy Staffer+

    Here's a state employee forced to retire and take a $57,000 a year pension after admitting to falsifying payroll records and misusing e-mail and phones at work.
    Like most things of this nature, everything is kept tamped down until a Cuomo Administration staffer went on a radio show and talked about the disciplinary history of the former DOT engineer....That came after the former worker had publicly blamed his departure on getting in trouble for talking to the local newspaper.
     Sometimes it pays to shut your pie hole.
       Cuomo aide hits back at engineer - Times Union


Anonymous said...

Looks to me like this jerk broke a few laws. Why is he being rewarded with $57,000 a year? He needs to learn the 5 magic words, "You want fries with that?"

Anonymous said...

Now the last thing in the world I really want to do is stick up for a DOT worker. I wish they all got laid off two years ago when they were demanding the raises. Look at that SNAFU, useless, unneeded, expensive, job creating traffic light they put up at Brownville, and you must conclude we would be better off if they did not exist.

But the state has not made their case in my eyes and they come off as just being petty bullys.

Show me an employee that doe3sn't use the company computer for personal stuff. did he steal a paperclip too?

We all know there is no such thing as an inappropriate sexual relationship these days. So what if he used a cigar for something else besides smoking, or whatever they are implying.

And now the guy talks to the media and its the nail in his coffin? I'm not buying it and I am a hardcore Conservative.

Selectively enforcing policy or procedure is a form of harassment.

Anonymous said...

Some people get fired for mistakes, others never show for work and do it for years and years. They are awarded with a state car. There's no pattern to it. It depends on who you know and who you offend. That the state way.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. He "falsified" his time sheet by putting down less hours than he actually worked?

Anonymous said...

Stop the presses !! Cuomo is a bully!