Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The SLEOCs of Their Day Head to Albany

    Is it a cut or a reduction in the rate of increase and is it a bad thing or just a call to start reining in spending in agencies called 'not for profits' but with layers of high paid executive directors and staff ?
    Governor Cuomo has reportedly called for a 6% cut in funding for treating the disabled. That sounds bad and advocates for these agencies will join the gun nuts, municipal tin-cup brigade, frackers and anti-frackers, and a host of other groups descending on Albany in the coming weeks in hopes of changing things.
     The Governor has his TV spots on demanding an on-time, April 1 budget, so the special interests better get their licks in quickly.
     Remember, thirty years ago when the annual mantra in the Watertown media was whether SLEOC would be saved......?  NNY news consumers were actually conditioned to be worried over the fate of this obscure patronage mill which is long gone.
     I guess, my point is this annual ritual has a sameness to  it.
Jobs at risk in services for disabled - Times Union


Anonymous said...

Long gone? Didn't Tug Hill Commission absorb all the tree-huggers they had on staff and then hire more for good measure?

Patty Plate the RINO looooooves the Tree-Tuggers. Without them, all the towns and villages wouldn't know how to write laws to tell their residents what to do with their property.

I recall when they started building the veterinary clinic at Limerick without getting SLEOC approval first. Fortunately, someone caught the error and stopped the project before it interfered with the scenic double-wides, trailers and rotting half fallen barns. They were able to modify the plans and add some trees before it was too late.Phew!

Anonymous said...

Those pesky "gun nuts". The people who are alarmed by Hugo Cuomo and Addie Russell's actions?

Anonymous said...

jeff. Ur right again , this has become Theatre of the Absurd each budget season in Albany . It is full of sound and fury but signifies NOTHING ! 3 guys STILL make rhe decisions while our so called reps look like court jesters during the process. It is more symbolic than real and frankly illustrates quite clearly just HOW DYSFUNCTIONAL and out of touch Albany and its minions are .

remembering of course that these are OUR EMPLOYEES and OUR HARD EARNED dollars . The public needs to engage these dysfunctionalities in the voting booth . NYS has a very loooooong way to to go toward being responsive to its citizens rather than the special interests AND it needs to start with THE BUDGET PROCESS .

This annual carnaval of greed needs to change.

now as far as your starting the budget process early and trying to educate everyone relative to the dynamic mix of potential strategoes for your city that is a fine idea. The MORE individuals understand , the better equipped they are to REALIZE that no ONE strategy will ever get you there . rather a dynamic mix of cost containment , efficiency expectations for quality improvement AND also new intiatives will come into play . the REAL question is how do rhose 3 strategies integrate and at what level of priority .

Good luck , this is NEVER easy , but then again : THIS AIN'T YOUR FIRST RODEO. ;)

Anonymous said...

What Commission is Jim Wright on? That is where the $$$ is.

Anonymous said...

Great point 12:42 , Time to rid the Payroll of that individual