Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sen. Marchione Says She Doesn't Want Pension She Earned - Times Union

    What does how she spends the money have to do with anything ? A state senator says she is donating her double dip pension to charity, as if its anyone's business how  Senator Kathy Marchione spends it.
     Like many in her position she came from a government job and "retired" from the system before actually taking the oath as a senator. Goes on all the time in offices as high at Lieutenant Governor and who knows, it may have happened locally with some town or village office. With contribution rates over 20%, not participating in the system as a Senator is actually a good thing.
     Claiming you donated your pension to charity is grandstanding.  Give the money back to Tom DiNapoli if you don't want it. Besides, who polices where her money goes. At some point giving $66K a year away will get old when your own family has needs.
    After all, charity does begin at home.
Sen. Marchione donates her pension - Times Union


Anonymous said...

Get to know her and you'll learn to respect her and her judgement.

Anonymous said...

I don't know. It's better than Junie O'Neil did. They created a big pension for her, simply to pay her off for her party line dishonesty. Maybe they will do the same for Mikey. They owe him something for the service he has rendered to his party. Most people have to work a few years for a pension. Not some folks.

Anonymous said...

Calling it "grandstanding" is a little cynical. When all is said and done, she will have $66,000 less dollars in her pocket, and a charity will have the money instead. That is not "spending", according to income tax law, that is donating.

Lawmakers are supposed to be vocal. She has found a great way to bring attention to the screwed up overgenerous system we have, while avoiding cutting of her nose to spite her face.