Thursday, February 14, 2013

Post: Playing Hard to Get Still Good Advice for Love Starved on V-Day

    Is today's social media-based "hooking up" culture ruining the traditional courtship model of dating where a woman is well served by playing hard to get ?
    That's the theory of this veteran Post columnist, who says a generation of females will spend today without their $100 wad of roses, a box of chocolate or a special date because men are too into the mantra of getting the milk without buying the cow.
     Hence the revolving door of marriage these days and the proliferation of single moms and people who meet on Monday and have moved in by Friday.
      So even with love in the air on this Valentine's Day, play hard to get, and its better to be hard to get than just getting had.
Old-fashioned dating advice from ‘The Rules’ authors Sherrie Schneider and Ellen Fein still holds: play hard to get -


Max Volume said...

I've played hard to get for 30 years and Heather Locklear STILL doesn't even know I even exist!

Oh well, her loss.

Anonymous said...

She treats me the same way, Max. Screw her!!

Anonymous said...

Some people play 'Hard to get' and there are the winners who play, 'To get hard!'