Wednesday, February 20, 2013

  Old Enought to Drive a Car....Old Enough for a Lap Dance ?- NY Daily News

       What a mixture of the old fashioned with today's hedonism.  Holding a birthday party for your 16 year old son at the local bowling center...the kind of party common back in the day when even as teens we bowled in leagues and had our own ball. 
A Different Type of Mom, For Sure

       Then mom's special treat show up. Strippers who perform intimate lap dances with the teens.  That's where is kind of strayed from the days of yore.
        Eighty people were there including other adults and it seems it all went fine till somebody saw a photo on Facebook and got all outraged...then everybody got all outraged and the 33 year old Albany area mom was arrested.
         The message is clear....That darn Facebook is no darn good.
New York mom charged with child endangerment after hiring strippers to perform lap dances at her 16-year-old son's birthday party, police say   - NY Daily News


Anonymous said...

Actually she lives in our Congressional District, much closer to Glens Falls than Albany and has a rich father, so this should blow over.

Idi Amin Duda said...

I'm for Albany strippers getting to work. They need to feed their kids too.

Anonymous said...

Doing the math, the ho mother conceived at age 16 herself. Why wouldn't she think it's just hunky dory for her 16 year old to get a lap dance? She was probably a working mother herself. Isn't that just the sweetest thing.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of 16 yr olds get lap dances IN their cars, and a lot more too.

Anonymous said...

But not from their parents, 7:09. At least I never did.

? said...

I think some of you never heard about Camp Woodland in the 70s. That was a place to get a dance in the car. Maybe even your dad did pay, she just didn't know where your mowing money went.