Wednesday, February 27, 2013

NYP: Jury Duty as Entertainment

    In Kennebunk, ME the elders must be intent on restoring their lost moral rectitude by continuing with weeks of a trial of the man police say enabled the Zumba prostitute, a comely fitness guru who supposedly provided added value in her lessons.
     There was the testimony of the pizza delivery man who says Alexis Wright answered the door and dropped her towel...Now the prosecution is begging the judge to allow the jury to see 600 salacious photos, like we all don't know what doing the wild thing looks like.
Alexis Wright...The Zumba Prostitute
      Maybe the state is making a big deal out of this to keep the tabloid media there in the winter as tourism promotion. 
       I mean really....we have two entire state's where people are smoking pot legally...Surely Maine can endure an overly exuberant Zumba instructor.
Jury in alleged Zumba prostitution case can see some explicit images: judge -


Anonymous said...

She could drop her towel in front of me anytime.

? said...

Don't stop the pictures. :)