Wednesday, February 20, 2013

NYDN Investigates The Independence Party Of NYC and Discovers What I Have Known for Years

     Gee Celeste, you could have ask me years ago how organizing a county committee is done under NY election law and how an enterprising soul or group of souls can control a party line with essentially a phantom committee.
      In NYC, the disciples of the late Fred Newman and the current Lenora Fulani have for years made a business out of owning the Indy line, as have others in various counties.
       To an extent the same thing goes on in the major parties as county committees are not really much of anything either. The shallowness is just amplified in a a minor party.

       So when you read a headline that a "party" endorses someone, realize it's not a large group of like minded people. It's one person, who understands the system and controls the result. With public funding of campaigns and pols not hesitant to stroke large checks, controlling the line has its advantages.
        That it took so many years for the Daily News to "discover" how its done is evidence of how the system works well for those who work hard at it.

NYDN Investigates The Independence Party Of NYC: Day 3 | New York Daily News

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