Friday, February 22, 2013

New Guilfoyle Home is Large With Room for Growth

    Guilfoyle Ambulance has dedicated its new 77,000 square foot home in the former Covidian plant on Faichney Drive. The 120 employee firm was located on Newell Street in cramped surroundings.
   Their new digs actually offers more than enough space, so Guilfoyle has created classrooms and a conference center in honor of the late Bruce Wright, whose widow and family run the firm.
    It's a nice building they will never outgrow. It offers a venue for many events, and the owner, Charmaine Wright, hopes to sell the former HQ on Newell Street.
    I took a tour this afternoon and appreciate the Wright's investment in Watertown.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like it is large enough to house a lot of firetrucks
In case you ever thought about privatizing the fire department.
Did you ever notice you never hear any drama from the ambulance crew...ever since they fired Jeff smith?
Food for thought.

Anonymous said...

I remember when they located on Newell Street. That was a mistake in planning. Now that they're gone, let's extend the Veteran's Walkway through the entire city.