Monday, February 25, 2013

Meghan's On Tap for Thursday on Pearl Street

      Just heard over the weekend from FX Matt Brewery marketing coordinator Meghan Fraser who is looking forward to her visit to Watertown on Thursday to offer a preview of the latest seasonal brews in the Saranac line.
Meghan Fraser

    There a new stout for St. Paddy's day and a delicious Red India Pale Ale....All that and more will be available at a tasting Thursday from 5 to 7PM at the Pearl Street Pub in Watertown (Also known as the 'Mayor's Bar).
     The public is invited to come meet Meghan and hear about all the fine FX Matt products. Pizza from Pete's Trattoria in Watertown will also be on hand.
     Thursday is also the weekly Lottery promotion featuring 50% larger prizes.
      You won't want to miss meeting Meghan from Utica this Thursday at 5PM at the all new Pearl Street Pub.....on Pearl Street in Watertown !


Anonymous said...

If I come Jeff will Megan show us her tatoos and be in a bikini? Pretty nice looking lady. I said Lady Jeff not your usual canidate for a story..

Anonymous said...

Why do you get to promote your beer joint on the mayor's blog. That's not right.

Anonymous said...

Why would he not promote his beer joint on HIS blog?

Anonymous said...

Full time bar keep part time Mayor!

Anonymous said...

Right on. We pay him a full time salary and that's all he should do.

:) said...

Your mostly just lucky he let's your stupid posts go by. I wouldn't bother. If you don't want to go, stay home with your kids and mom. Your mother needs a break from watching her grand-kids.