Utica Club Uncle Sam Stein Presented for My Political Acumen

Utica Club Uncle Sam Stein Presented for My Political Acumen
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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mayor: Winter is Done

   I walked down to the Nice n Easy this AM and while there were a few flurries in the air and some still unshoveled walks on Factory Street, I definately am feeling that winter is done.
   Sure there will be some chilly mornings and dustings ahead....but given recent climate history and the forecast for the week ahead, I am confident in predicting the end of winter.
    No St. Paddy's snow storms or "two feet on Mother's Day" like we always hear about.
    Winters years ago may have been on average a little more harsh, but I am still waiting to hear just what year it was we had "six weeks in a row of thirty below weather and it never got above zero."   


Anonymous said...

So now you think you can predict the weather. Is there no end to your hubris ?

Anonymous said...

I think you're as good as 7News, the North Country's Only, and Finest. If we do get some snow, maybe we can qualify for some FreeMoney from DUH GOV for disaster relief.

rick aldrich said...

Feb. 1979

Anonymous said...

Thanks @1:04 PM, you said it.

Here is hoping that he extends his fathers message and wish of being judged by the content of your character and not by your skincolour to white people to, who get always judged by his own clientel for ther skincolour.
It's about time after nearly 50 years of his father message who I admire, to end the hypocracy, when it comes to non black people.

Here is also hoping, that he brings his message against gun violence to his innercity clientel in Chicago, LA and so on, where black on black crime is rampage.

Here is also hoping, that he talk about his fathers message, to the exploiders of his race, Sharpton,Jackson types, who regulary prey on their own people for their gain of faith and money

By the way again:
We don't have a gun problem, we have a gang problem and that includes all races.

Anonymous said...

The mayor knows everything there is to know about the weather because he’s good friends with Punxsutawney Phil. When “Punx” isn’t hanging at Pete’s, he’s usually over to the mayors bar talking smack about the weather... that’s all he ever talks about... the weather.

Anonymous said...

Late 70's, particularly the winter of '79/'80........

ray lear said...

It don't take a ground hog to see the Mayor has called it. I just had a nice walk. It is changing around quick. Hell it's after 5 pm and still day light for a few minutes. Hala-lue-a!

Anonymous said...

Once again......the idiots strike with their mindless comments.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't 6 weeks. It was 31 or 34 days. Something like that. It was early Jan. to early Feb. Don't remember the exact year, but I was farming at the time, so it was sometime before 1985. 2:42 has the timeline about right. A straight month of everything froze up in the barn every stinkin' morning. had to get up about an hour earlier every morning just to get everything unthawed before starting chores. Was the most miserable winter I ever spent farming.

Anonymous said...

@5:58 AM

It is easy to judge others, as shown with your useless comment.

It is way harter to contribute some facts or intelligent thoughts to this blog, as your comment shows too.

Anonymous said...

@9:46 PM

That was my point. There are mostly "useless" and unintelligent comments. If you found my comment "useless", then perhaps you got my point.