Last Day of the Whistleblower Tour...Stop in New Paltz

Last Day of the Whistleblower Tour...Stop in New Paltz
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Friday, February 15, 2013

Libertarian Candidate for Mayor a Familiar Face

   The four contenders for the Democratic mayoral nomination in NYC are in the real race for Gracie Mansion, as there is no Rudy Giuliani or Mike Bloomberg running on other lines.
     Christine Quinn is the frontrunner followed by Bill deBlasio, Bill Thompson and John Liu.
      My old friend and former madam, Kristin Davis writes a nice critique on the race to promise more spending by the four Dems, as she outlines her pending Libertarian candidacy.
      Kristin also pledges to drink a supersized soda at her announcement to protest the growing nanny state in the Big Apple.

      Kristin always had a good grasp on issues and with the distraction of her madam days further in the rearview mirror, she will be a good addition to the conversation on who will succeed Mayor Bloomberg.


Anonymous said...

Mizz Quinn is a lesbian who lives with her ladylove. She's very very very much allied with the teacher's union, so the kids are completely shafted. Bad choice of words. Let's just say the kids will get nowhere with her. She knows nothing of finances, hates America, dislikes business, loves taxes, and never met a law she didn't like. In other words, she very cool. She's a lock on winning the next race for NYC mayor. I can't think of any other qualification she could possibly have, except maybe being a transgender or having bionic ears.

ray lear said...

Plus you have to remember that she already knows all of the local government in NYC. They all were customers at one time or another.

Anonymous said...

The only way to win a race in NY is to put a D after your name. Eventually someone might ask you to take a side on an issue but its not very likely, and just a detail of little consequence.

Once you put the D after your name you will get 24 hour positive coverage from the MSN, late night TV, estrogen talk TV, and the university polling. Meanwhile all of the aforementioned will attack your opponent 24/7.

You can plunder 750k or tweet your Johnson, cheat on your taxes or take underage sex trips and still get elected. Its a beautiful thing. Its for the children.

Dan Francis said...

God, give it a rest she ain't gonna win anything, except a wet T shirt contest, maybe???

ray lear said...

She seems to have some how picked up more money over the years then most of Watertown. I believe most of it was even legal. Seems like she isn't all that stupid after all. Her book sold several copies.

Anonymous said...

Did Danny ever win a wt tshirt contest?

Anonymous said...

Did Danny ever win ANYTHING?

Anonymous said...

Danny won a pension that he doesn't pay any state taxes on. Does that count? Its not easy. First you gotta get drafted and then spend the next 20 years in the motor pool issuing jeeps to soldiers.