Thursday, February 28, 2013

Last Day of the Month

   At the Sunrise Rotary, I had an attentive crowd for my little talk on local government finances and I think my explanation on sales tax and how it works was informative.
You know, the everyday things in life are often just accepted but never explained.
   The breakfast at the Black River Club was excellent and I appreciate the hospitality.
    We talked about the pension situation too and I am hearing many people are appreciative of the leadership shown by Syracuse Mayor Miner in speaking out on the structural problems with how the plan is funded and her criticism of the Governor's patch called "pension smoothing".
     I have to go pick up some printing at Coughlin's today. I threw a fit yesterday over their new on-line proofing system that's hard to navigate and no substitute for just getting a paper proof and marking it up. Change is not always progress.
      Other than that, we are getting ready for the big event at the Pearl Street Pub as the folks from FX Matt Brewery come in to hold a tasting for their Saranac products. A large crowd is expected, so please stop by.


Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

Sure Jeff,kill Gov. Cuomo on 'Pension Smoothing' then complain about using up Watertown's cash reserve to pay pension costs. You're going to raise property taxes too, becuase you need to raise revenue. So why is President Obama wrong when he says he needs to raise revenue by eliminating tax loopholes for the rich tobalance the budget wrong?

Sen. Ritchie is going to play ball with St. Lawrence County increasing the sales tax, because no County is getting bailed out on Gov. Cuomo's watch for bad management decisions. Did you talk about that today to the Sunrise Rotary club, and why Ritchie is acting like any other Democrat she is critical of during election time?

? said...

But Mike, why shouldn't she fall into line and start taxing everything? It's seems to be state policy. It is nothing new. We serve to pay taxes and die. Other then that, why don't you go spin. :)

Anonymous said...

It was funny hearing you hand Mikey his a$$ on the Hotline yesterday. Mike lies so much he forgets what he was for and what he was against. Because Mike is not for or against anything but party.

Out of that sales tax, most of the money goes to the state. And NY city has a special share set aside for themselves too. But Mikey never called on Bloomdouche to get his house in order. He was happy to let St. Lawrence county tax payers send a tithe to Bloomberg every time they spent their money.

Mikey get it though your thick librul head. No one is using the words "pension smoothing" but you. The rest of us are calling it pension raid or back door borrowing or gimmicky. Even your own party!

And Ritchie is here for as long as she wants to be...resistance is futile.

Obama is wrong because he is a liar just you Mikey. He never says what he truly believes. If he believed in closing loopholes he could have done it when he controlled all three houses. The upper house, the lower house and the White house. Or as Chucky calls them..."the three branches" of gubmint. (if Palin had said what Schmoozer said, you idiots would have told us how dumb she is)

Anonymous said...

I wonder just how many tax dollars can be raised by increasing the percentage from the 'rich?' They already pay most of our taxes. If they make $200,000 and get hit - guess what - next tax filing will show $199,999.99! They have money because they know how to manage their money. The country is going broke because of the unions!

Anonymous said...

Once again the pension mess raises its ugly head, so here goes why was it OK for the JCIDA,JCDC,WLDC to be included into it by special law, and now Massena Memorial hospital wants their employees to be excluded, as I remember the aforementioned Not-for-profits were told not to include their employees in the state system.......