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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gun Rally Hits Capitol

    The gun rights rally hit the Capitol today as thousands crowded downtown Albany to protest the SAFE NY Act.
Rally Participants Arrive in Morning

     Whether the movement becomes any kind of factor in certain upstate elections will depend on candidates and whether people with guns will vote that one issue.
    None of it affects Governor Cuomo's 2014 prospects, but I could see a legislative seat here or there where its a factor.
Gun Rally Hits Capitol


? said...

I saw the guys waiting for the bus this morning and not a one of them seemed to be angry or in the fringe. They seemed to be calm white guys waiting for a bus ride. Not much more. Coffee in hands and ready. Hell I bet if anything it was a big boast to the fast food places on Arsenal Street.

Anonymous said...

.Compared to the impact of the sequester and the price of gas and the myriad other serious economic problems that this nation is facing , this motley caravan of rednecks angrily screaming about their right to kill stuff is a bit over the top .

The rest of the state is busy WORKING today . a The 99 .9 per cent of the States population that isnt there carrying on like spoiled children obviously do not think this to be WORTH their time .

But i guess as one person said they have a right to ACT stupid if they so desire , BUT frankly adults , with children and real responsibility see this and say GET REAL there are way more serious issues at hand thhat need attention . A tightening of a way too LIBERAL gun policy of the past is long past due. .

Dan Francis said...

1. Gun rights

2. 2nd Amendment guarantee

3. Proposed changes to challenge mass murders with guns

P.S. No one is advocating taking away guns or right to own a gun, defend themselves, or hunt.

Common sense: controls to ensure that ONLY legal guns are sold, only lawabiding citizens qualify to own a gun or more, and rational policy (no more hi-cap mags and drums and military assault weapons in the hands of avg citizens ... if owned, keep them at gun club)...

Gun "rights" folks are totally unreasonable ... their rights are protected ... their rational thinking is questionable, however.

Anonymous said...

Wecan still hunt and fish and trap you dingalings!!!Jesus H read the law. Why are we so incessed with diner/bar talk? Please dont embarass us!!!

Anonymous said...

Too bad these protesters are not all fudge packers or else the libruls would be "bending over backwards" to "accommodate" their wishes.

The general rule for librul is if the group has more than 3% of the population then their rights don't matter.

? said...

Sure we can hunt and fish all we want, always could. Not the problem. The problem is the state passing all these nanny laws. You will be all for them till the day you walk outside and someone from the state needs to see ID, wants to know if you have insurance, and how much soda you drank last night. O darn! We are almost already there!

Anonymous said...

Danny, your comment about high capacity magazines is once again filled with holes, I have 8 pistols all of them registered, now because of the Gov. Benito Cuomo I have to remember to load only 7 rds into the magazines, how is a 10 rd a high capacity magazine??????? I swear Danny youre getting more like MCmikey every day...........

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

Pattie Ricthie is going to be political poison however for attacking Gov. Cuomo on his NY Safe Act. And now that she raises taxes like the Sales Tax in St. Lawrence County, she's going to be un-electable, becuse she has proven she can't be loyal to the Governor who she was 'So Close To' or truthful in her actions about tax increases, which speak even louder than her words do in recent weeks.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Jeff said...

The Safe Act is going down!!! read the press releasae here...http://www.wethepeopleofny.org/MARCH%2011-NY-SAFE-ACT-SHOWDOWN-IN-COURT.pdf

Sorry MCM and Dan...too bad that we have the 1st ammendment still and the right to redress the Government for grievences!! Ha!

March 11th in Court...We the People will be heard!

Anonymous said...

Good Just remember who voted for it in the North Country. ADDIE