Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cuomo Says Pension Smoothing ‘Financially Intelligent’

    Governor Cuomo says his pension "smoothing" plan is just one option for local governments to consider in dealing with rapidly escalating pension contribution rates. But the Governor is not criticizing the plans critics, one of whom is the state co-chair of the Democratic Party.
      Cuomo Says Pension Smoothing ‘Financially Intelligent’


Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

The Final Option for localities to balance their budgets:
Appears to be Gov.

Cuomo’s ‘Pension Smoothing’ plan and various localities have a right to exercise that ‘Option’ or reject it under the Governor’s plan. Mayor Miner of Syracuse has looked at other options including playing the bankruptcy card for Syracuse.

So it gets down to this, Mayors of various NYS cities have to make some though calls and what party you’re affiliated with has nothing to do with it. In the final analysis Gov. Cuomo and Albany, NY aren’t going to pick up the check to keep your City solvent and isn’t that what Republicans are supposed to be about?

As Reported by Capitol Tonight
“We have provided more mandate relief than any state administration has in modern political history in this period of time,” he said.

Still, local governments remain financially strained as the aftershocks of the great recession drag on and tax revenue remains scarce. Cuomo says the state can’t provide more money, however.

“The fundamental fact is Localities have to deal with their finances … and we can’t do it for them and unless the economy turns around rapidly and the tax revenues go up right away, they have to make hard decisions,” said Governor Cuomo

I think Gov. Cuomo has sent an important message to the Mayors of NYS. Oh, well if it’s not to your liking do what Sen. Ritchie and the St Lawrence County Legislature is ready to do: enact the biggest increase possible in the State Sales Tax to cover cost. And keep an eye on your Property Tax Bill, because it’s going up soon if they can get pass an increase on to you. It’s time to raise cash so get ready for Republicans to start acting like Democrats are always accused of in your local community.

Mike Flynn ‘Middle Class Mike’

Anonymous said...

Did you know that it is against the state constitution for Cuomo to do this gimmicky pension raid back door borrowing?

Did you know that in 2002 Mikey and his party of racketeers amended the state Constitution to guarantee the tax free pensions that Danny types get, remain tax free?

That is right folks...
it is unconstitutional for the lawmakers to start taxing those 100k pensions even if they wanted to.

But don't worry...its for the pay some day.

Anonymous said...

ANON 6:48 PM Wasn't Pataki Governor at that time, so it was a Republican raid, but back door borrowing is nothing new to Republicans Einstein.

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