Monday, February 18, 2013

Cuomo-Miner: Beyond the sparks of the dispute, Upstate cities that don't work |

      The Post Standard sounds like it doesn't want its mayor to go down the tubes and is sort of defending Mayor Stephanie Miner for her criticisms of Governor Cuomo's budget proposals as they relate to cities.
     The paper says the Mayor can be confrontational but is part of a bipartisan coalition in CNY including County Administrator Joanie Mahoney and the Sen. John DeFrancisco, both ostensibly Republicans.
      There are systemic problems in upstate cities and no one is better positioned to lobby on the issue is the Lt. Governor Bob Duffy who is the former mayor of Rochester.
       Cuomo-Miner: Beyond the sparks of the dispute, Upstate cities that don't work |


Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

“Miner to become miner player in Democratic Party”

Cuomo is looking to help Miner out the door, but that doesn’t make him a bad guy Mayor. The Governor had to deal with the Mayor of Syracuse and likely future member of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 team. If she didn’t have that going in the background, she’s even sillier than anyone imagined with taking on this immensely popular Governor.

How Popular? Read the excerpt from Fred Dicker’s Post Column below, which starts off with what a nice guy the Governor can be advising dim witted Republicans on adopting more liberal social issues; that one still has me laughing out loud.

“Weak Gop threat to Andy prez shot”
• Last Updated: 9:56 AM, February 18, 2013
• Posted: 12:33 AM, February 18, 2013

“Cuomo and other senior Democrats are so concerned about facing a weak Republican candidate for governor next year that they’ve been informally advising some in the GOP on steps to improve their chances — mainly by adopting more moderate positions on social issues, it was learned.

The new 451-page “benchmark,’’ poll of 600 likely voters — much more comprehensive than the surveys regularly released by Marist and Siena colleges and Quinnipiac University — was prepared by national GOP pollster John McLaughlin for the Manhattan-based Chiaroscuro Foundation at a cost of about $30,000. It mainly focused on the attitude of New Yorkers toward abortion.
But it also asked detailed questions about Cuomo and whether voters wanted Democrats or the GOP to control the state Senate, which is now run by an unusual coalition of 30 Republicans and five Democrats. The results were dismal for Republicans.

Cuomo’s popularity was sky-high in all but one region of the state, despite the dip he took in upstate areas over the dispute over gun-ownership restrictions.

Cuomo’s highest favorable rating, 80 percent, was, not surprisingly, in liberal Manhattan, but he was almost as popular, at 78 percent, in Nassau County, once a Republican stronghold. His positives even hit 76 percent in Erie County, Paladino’s home base and political stronghold in 2010.
Other strongly favorable numbers for Cuomo were in Suffolk County, 66 percent, also once solidly Republican, Westchester, 65 percent, and Monroe County (Rochester) 70 percent.”

I just think Minor was terribly foolish, and eventually Hillary Clinton won’t want to associate with a recent loser like this fallen Democratic Star in the 2016 Presidential Election. Tish, Tish!

Mike Flynn ‘Middle Class Mike’

Anonymous said...

Mikey, is it Minor or Miner?
She didn't "take on" Cuomo any more than DiNapoli took on Cuomo.

Cuomo has a reckless, irresponsible Ponzi scheme, backdoor borrowing, pension gimmick included in his proposed budget and she tried to save him from himself, and save her city, by pointing out the truth.

How popular is Duombo? Outside the fiscally and morally bankrupt downstate, he is as popular as garlic chewing gum.

He certainly has no national appeal and could never win an election if he actually had to campaign instead of simply relying on automatic votes by putting a "D" next to his name

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

Read the poll anon 5:51PM, that was an in dept Poll that speaks for himself. The Republicans can't find someone who would poll half as well can they?

Anonymous said...

It's MinEr, as Mikey didn't copy that part accurately. Not an important point when there is no point at all to his post.

Note this. Two weeks ago Mikey types were foaming at the mouth about what an fine woman Stephanie Miner was. She wouldn't have been chosen as head Donkey if she hadn't been checked out beforehand. In other words, to Mikey types, she was a PROP, perfect for photo ops. She was an example of inclusion in the Donkey party, the image of women being allowed in powerful positions. He'd claim that this just didn't happen in that War on Womyn party and would have belched out nonsense about a big tent and other forms of foolishness. Now, this woman with a mind of her own needs to be removed from her position. She's a prop with a mind of her own. To a Mikey, that's the worst thing of all. He loves women, just stupid ones who will go along with the party line. Gee Mike, don't ya just hate it when they speak their mind, or even have one. I'm sure little Benito has been running around the house yelling at his live in all week long. Ya don't hear her talking about politics, do ya? She knows her place.

Ya better get that Miner woman shut the hell up before the Dictator goes national. Don't be slappin' her around when the primary is underway.

Anonymous said...


MCM was exactly right about Mayor Miner, becoming a ‘minor’ political player in the future. You can't bite the hand that feeds you in New York State politics and then call it a "Spirited discussion" like Mayor Miner did and be taken seriously by anyone. She went after the Governor and now she's out in the cold. Karl Rove seems to be in the same position with a lot of Republicans these days after he advised them to stop being 'Stupid' about how they nominate Tea Party type candidates to the detriment of the Republican Party. Republicans love to punish other Republicans it happens all the time.

Call Your Bluff

Anonymous said...

Poll shmoll...if he is so popular, why can't he even get a majority in both houses...even though he has a majority in both houses?
Why can't he keep dat dumb beotch to shuddup-a her mouth? And we ain't talking about DiNapoli...even though you should be.

Better check the history of GWB's before you spout off with your Mikey nonsense. And Bush's numbers were a reflection of the whole country, not just 500 random democrats picked from each downstate union hall.

Mikey your guy is going to trip fall and flop if he dares to step on the national stage.

Anonymous said...

You know why Mikey is calling for Miner's head but gives a pass to DiNapoli?
Because Miner is a woman and DiNapoli is a man.

Mikey you invoke Rove enough on this blog...its time to fit Koch brothers in here somewhere...and lions and tigers and bears.

Anonymous said...

9:18 Huh?

You make no sense. I'll reread what you said and if I can understand it I'll respond.

Well, I think I followed some of it. I understand the part where Miner will get in trouble. We certainly don't want anyone raising questions about Mussolini's fuzzy math and gimmicks. When he's lying, we should expect party line people to shut up. So in that respect, I understand your point. The Karl Rove stuff is strange. You spent too much time with your head in a bag on that one. The Republican stuff I don't understand. This isn't about party stuff, although I understand your desire to change the subject. This entire situation has to be uncommmmmfortable for you/Mikey. All this is about is dishonesty on the part of the Dictator and honest dissent on the part of the Mayor of Syracuse. My advice, when you choose a prop, do some background work on her. You don't want a woman with a mind of her own. You want a Junie O'Neil type. You can give her some bucks just to go home and keep quiet. This lady has a brain.

Anonymous said...

9:18 and MCM are correct. The contentiousness between Governor Cuomo and Mayor Miner is nothing more than a ‘minor’ blip on the state’s political radar screen.

However, on the national stage, the Tea/Pubs are presently in a one hell of a mess. They have no one they can honestly point too with leadership qualities or charisma. (Rubio? Sorry, but he’s a bench warmer) They don’t have anything remotely close to an intellectual guru who can redefine their demographic targets along with an attractive strategy.

The narrow and extreme stances of the GOP today are not representative of the nation's needs or of the majority values of the people; it represents the stances of wealthy minorities.

While I don’t personally have an issue with Mayor Miner, howling like monkeys and throwing feces at the Democrats will not impress new voters or attract people to rethink the GOP’s position.