Monday, February 18, 2013

Cuomo Finds Himself in Obama's Shadow on Minimum Wage

      Governor Cuomo seems to have been upstaged by President Obama's 'I'll see your $8.75 and raise you a quarter" approach to minimum wage legislation on the federal level.
     The Governor is now seeking to recast his own push for a higher state minimum wage as part of the President's effort. Mr. Cuomo may even drop the wage issue from his own budget bills to avoid a fight with Senate Republicans, although frankly that would not be much of a battle, as we saw in the recent gun law debate.
     Just weeks ago, Mr. Cuomo stole thunder from the POTUS by quickly passing a comprehensive gun law following the Newtown shootings.
      The Governor spoke this weekend in Albany before a key part of his base, a gathering of the NYS Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators.
Cuomo recasts pay hike debate - Times Union


Anonymous said...

Cuomo has been on the stage for how many years? And Obama too? and now one is stealing thunder from an issue that had the support of their entire voter base? S#(t or get off the pot to both of them.

Comprehensive is the wrong word to describe his gun nonsense law.Try reprehensible.

Anonymous said...

We are saddled by a complete idiot. He was acting like a man there for a while. Now he's a little dicator. But he's got the job for life here with all the party line bros. Why do you think they call us the Empire State? It's a great place for little Mussolini's to build empires.

Anonymous said...

Raising minimum wage is a direct assault on new immigrants, small town America and people who work shift work, hoping to find something open when their shifts get out.

Not only does no one in your photo work for min. wage but they don't employe anyone or use goods or services by anyone that earns min. wage. They won't notice shops closing or hours cut or industry closing because it won't happen within miles of their summer homes.

There are only two kinds of people that earn min. wage.

The ones who don't speak Engrish and are otherwise unemployable, who work in what is left of the garment industry, which is holding on by a thread and will surly lose their customers to off shore manufacturers if costs go up.

And the ones living in depressed counties and towns. Places where the mom and pop pizza shop or diner or grocery store is hanging on by a thread. Where a few quarters or a few less costumers will make or break the bank and put them out of business.

The entire rest of the state already makes more than min. wage. Hell, even Jefferson county's chain restaurants and big box stores pay more than min wage.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

Speaking of the Governor:

Today in the Daily News, Celeste Katz’s Daily Politics, Column Today Ken Lovett spells out how Stephanie Miner is on the way out as Democratic Co-Chair.

February 18, 2013 7:12 AM
State Democratic Co-Chair Likely On Way Out Because of Criticisms of Gov. Cuomo: Sources
BY Ken Lovett

Lovett states: “The clock is ticking on Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner’s time as Gov. Cuomo’s hand-picked co-chair of the state Democratic Party.

Miner in recent weeks has repeatedly embarrassed the governor with her criticism of his plan to help cash-strapped localities deal with the exploding costs of pensions for public workers. Last week she penned a stinging Op-Ed on the issue.

A lot of people who know her think she’ll be taken down at the knees, but they don’t know how or when,” said one well-connected Capitol insider.

Sources who are longtime fixtures on the Albany scene said they can’t remember a gubernatorial appointee ever politically slapping the state’s chief executive in such a public fashion.”

I feel such disloyalty shouldn’t go unrewarded and said so last week. She’s history as an influence in NYS politics and I’ll work to see she’s beaten in a Democratic primary for Mayor of Syracuse. Minor is a real big loser, and the only motivation for this, that might make sense is she’s going to be on board with the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016. If that’s the case her open disloyalty is profoundly disturbing, because she let political maneuvering to gain favor with the Clinton people damage her ability to be an effective Mayor; who could deal with the City of Syracuse’s budget problems. In short it looks like she sold her own City out to gain a spot on Clinton’s team.

Mike Flynn ‘Middle Class Mike’

Anonymous said...

Interesting photo of Andy in the side bar…I’ve learned over the years you can tell a lot about a fellows character by having a look at the people he associates with.

cat rancher said...

All it will do in the long run is make companies that can barley hang on now decide to have fewer employees. So it goes backwards a little more in the work place. One man will have to do the work of three and still not get a raise anytime soon. Small companies will not be able to expand in most cases. The workers already there will have to see dim wits fresh off the street almost coming in at the same wages they worked hard for years to get. Looks all like a give away that only a person running for election this fall can get his or her teeth into.

Only thing that makes me laugh, most of the people it will help don't vote. Who gets the last laugh in that one?

Anonymous said...

Mikey's hatred of women will not go unpunished. Their will be a backlash at the polls by women throughout the state.

Anonymous said...


MCM has supported the Woman's equality agenda, years before it was proposed, and everyone knows that so who are you kidding.

Call your bluff

Anonymous said...

Thanks for starting to give credits for the people you steal your posts from, Mikey. It makes it easier to skip over your puke. I'm glad you've responded. They really should have taught you this in whatever college you drove by.

Anonymous said...

ANON 9:45 PM

Your only able to get away with libeling MCM, because you're an ANON 9:45 PM puke who won't sign his name.

You've been attacking him and lying about him and what he writes for months. And by the way your writing is totally unreadable and boring. If MCM wasn't influencing people, do you think half the Republicans in NNY would bother attacking him. He's influential enough to scare you Republican losers to death.

Anonymous said...

Oh neat, now YOU, 9:29, are starting with the set up for your little pathetic lawsuit threat. How friggen cool. All that's ever said about this Mikey character is true. His stuff is stolen. He preaches nothing but the party line. He has no mind of his own. And now, he has selective morality. A week ago, or two, this Miner babe would have been a favorite of Mikey's. Now she's a cracko who can't count and knows nothing about the workings of a city. Ol' Mikey, and you (Mikey in hiding) are welcome to contact your lawyer. Maybe you're right. Maybe people should be able to steal other's work. This is the new America. As far as having no mind of your own. That's not exactly groundbreaking.

Anonymous said...

ANON 11:03

You’re boring everybody with this 'Maybe you're right. Maybe people should be able to steal other's work." while offering no specific examples of what the hell MCM supposedly stole in his writings. Grow up loser and accept the fact that you need to have an idea of your own to have any credibility.