Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Council Urged to Get Smart on Pension Proposal and Thank Syracuse Mayor for Aiding in the Debate

    City Council was running on three cylinders tonight and that prevented voting on the latest revision to the Privateers franchise agreement. Council discussed the request for a PILOT amendment for NYAB and many questions were asked, including why they want one as opposed to just opting out of the current one to get lower taxes.
     I led a discussion of the need for Council to be well informed on the debate over "pension smoothing" and I presented the analysis done in Syracuse along with other material both pro and con.
     It's an issue all elected bodies will face, but not one not discussed much in local media because its kind of complicated.
     I took time to acknowledge and thank the Syracuse mayor for stepping up with contrarian views and pointing out the need for everyone to approach the issue with eyes wide open and not merely look at the advantages in the early years which would relieve elected bodies of the need for any tough decisions.
    Council also heard from opponents of flouridation again and from one man complaining about trash outside local bars. Said the man, they could at least clean up after the misery they sell to society. I do.


Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

“Does Miner pass Purity Test?” (A two part composite Commentary on the recent thinking about Mayor’s like Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner avoiding bankruptcy.)

Tim Knauss of the Syracuse Post blew the lid of Stephanie Miner’s family employment scam:
“Syracuse, N.Y. -- Although Syracuse officials were warned in 2009 that it’s illegal, Mayor Stephanie Miner has continued the decades-old practice of placing certain city workers — many of whom are politically connected — on a shadow city payroll beyond the reach of state civil service rules.”
He goes on to say: “Miner has created jobs on the shadow payroll for her husband’s grandson, her top aide’s nephew, her campaign manager and several of her strongest political supporters.”
“The Syracuse Urban Renewal Agency, a city-run corporation created in 1964 to rebuild blighted neighborhoods, has no employees and pays no salaries, according to the budget it files with the state.”
Stephanie Miner is quoted in the article as saying, “I am proud that I’ve gotten the caliber of person who has wanted to be associated with me in this administration,” Miner said. “And the fact that they are related to people who happen to be my supporters or my family, I will not hold against them. It’s the nature of living in a small city.”
Like many politicians who set themselves up on a pedestal we start to get a clearer picture when we judge her by her actions and not her rhetoric.
Mayor Miner has been looking for a way out of her bad decision making since August, 2012.
Since August it’s been reported by it’s been reported by Mish’s Global Trend Analysis and I quote, “Without a doubt Syracuse, New York is headed for bankruptcy. Not only is there an "official denial" but the mayor of Syracuse is seeking legal guidance on municipal bankruptcy. “
The article points out how it quickly got down to blame the Union’s, a popular past-time among Up-State Mayor’s whose do nothing policies eventually lead them into targeting Union membership and their pension costs to solve their municipalities problems. The article again the Miner like other Mayor’s is more than willing to through Unions under the bus.
Syracuse (WSYR-TV) –

stated in August that, “Mayor Stephanie Miner has asked for some legal expertise on municipal bankruptcy.

The signs of the city’s financial problems have been evident for several years as city employees accept wage freezes and fire and police departments see staff reductions.

The city will use an early payment from Albany to help keep the budget from dipping into dwindling reserves. Skyrocketing pension and healthcare costs continue to be a problem for the city budget.”

Now let’s be clear on what has happened in Stockton, Calif. One of the supposed models for Mayor Miner she has Syracuse declare bankruptcy. According to the Rockefeller Institute, and reported by John Rudolf, ’ Stockton faces a deficit of $20 million to $38 million the next fiscal year, which begins this summer, and financial projections anticipate similarly large shortfalls for the following two fiscal years. A large portion of those deficits are tied to bond payments from redevelopment projects and underfunded liabilities for retired city employee health care.” Please note that Stockton had to eventually cut one quarter of its police force even though crime was skyrocketing in the city. The failure of years of poor leadership came home to roost in Stockton, Cal. just as it has in Syracuse, NY under Mayor Miner.

(Continued on Part B)

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

“Does Miner pass Purity Test?” (A two part composite Commentary on the recent thinking about Mayor’s like Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner avoiding bankruptcy.)


Ward continues, “Local-government leaders and their constituents have two broad options to deal with approaching fiscal crises. One is to await state oversight and expect to give up significant control over local budget decisions. The second option is to identify looming crises early by, for instance, using multi-year planning tools provided by the Office of the State Comptroller — and then taking the steps necessary to avert an emergency before it arrives."

The kicker in evaluating Mayor Miner: This supposed profile in courage Mayor Stephanie Miner of Syracuse has avoided making the tough decisions on municipal pensions that were required, by trying to gain by in from Unions and now criticizes Gov. Cuomo’s plan to help her gain time to do so by saying his budget smoothing approach is only a temporary fix.

After her mismanagement of Syracuse, NY it would seem any plan that gains time to deal with your Municipal budget woes, instead of declaring bankruptcy would be advisable to a sitting Mayor.

Mayor Miner instead attacked the Governors plan. The Rockefeller Institute surmises in their article, “A rising tide of budget gaps is a predictable result of the lingering impact from the Great Recession. Counties’ sales-tax revenues fell nearly 6 percent in 2009; the state’s general-purpose aid to localities has been reduced; property tax revenues are constrained both by economic conditions and the state’s new tax cap. But even before the recession’s full impact, many localities ran into trouble by repeatedly adopting annual budgets in which recurring costs outpaced continuing revenues.

If Mayor Miner is to be held accountable for her leadership failures as Mayor of Syracuse, NY, it’s important for voters to own up to the fact that Albany, NY can’t solve all the problems of city localities, who fail to make the necessary budget balancing decisions required to keep a city solvent. Mayor Miner has in fact lacked the guts to make those decisions and seeks to blame Governor Cuomo for not bailing her out of a situation of her own making. It’s called taking responsibility for your actions as the Mayor of Syracuse, and that’s something Mayor Miner is loathe to do.

Summary: To be forewarned is to be forearmed:

As reported by Robert War, “In March, Governor Cuomo warned that cities and counties across New York would face the threat of bankruptcy if the Legislature did not reduce mandated costs by enacting major pension reform. The governor’s alarm about potential fiscal emergencies for local governments was an important step forward in raising awareness of the issue.

Although the pension changes enacted by the Legislature will restrain benefit costs, truly significant savings will only come a decade or more in the future as new employees gradually replace current workers. For now and the next few years, the threat remains: Cities and counties across New York face large budget gaps, and increasing chances of fiscal failure.

This is a big, widespread problem with lots of moving parts — each of which must be addressed realistically if we are to avoid needlessly severe damage to essential services.”

Mayor Miner needs to stop acting like Alice in Wonderland and get grounded in the reality of nuts and bolts governance and get the City of Syracuse, NY on a sound fiscal footing and quit blaming Governor Cuomo for her budget planning shortcomings.

Mike Flynn ‘Middle Class Mike’

Anonymous said...

Nothing could be purer than Miner as she objects to Cuomo when he tries to corporate raid the pension fund with back door borrowing.

And now we have Mikey questioning her purity? Is that a question about her promiscuity Mikey? You would never have such questions for a man.

Where is your questions for Cuomo?
He wants to raid the pensions.
He appoints indicted pay to play pension profiteers to his economic board.

He passes a tax cut that was a tax increase
He passes a tax cap that wasn't a cap.
He had his hand in the pot at HUD during the financial meltdown.

Cuomo handles money like Madoff.

And Mikey does not support one dollar of cuts on the federal level. But now he pretends he thinks Miner should balance the Albany driven Syracuse budget by cutting jobs? What a farce Mikey is to be reckoned with.

I can see Miner's poll numbers going up every time Mikey hits a key on his keyboard.

Anonymous said...

MCM, you bring up some stimulating conversation some time on the HotLine. But you are an extremely rude conversationalist. You constantly finish a statement and then when Jeff begins his response, you immediately interrupt him and cut him off speaking about something he just spoke and don't allow him to finish. Jeff has a good knowledge of how many government ploys work and I'd like to hear his explanation. Please read up on some etiquette for conversation or just STFU when Jeff starts his response.

Anonymous said...

Part 1:Subsection B: Part I in ASS

Mikey, I am sooo proud. When the politics of today get going and require courage, we can always count on you for cowardly BS. And once again, you've come through as expected.

Why Mikey, if Mayor Miner has done all these wrongs and is such a terrible, corrupt person, have you not spoken out prior to this? I'll tell you why. Because Mikey, you are a coward. You are a fair weather friend. You are a person someone can count on when they don't need anything. When the going gets tough, you run, as much as your belly and brown coat will allow. All Mayor Miner did was say she had no confidence in Gov Cuomo's scheme to kick pension costs down the road. She said it was a borrowing scheme that was not financially sound, and should be reexamined. At that point, stooges like you came out of the woodwork and personally attack her. You want her off the Donkey statewide committee. You want her defeated as mayor of her city. Now you are floating BS about her providing favoritism jobs to people she knows. Mikey, this is done all the time. Every state working in NY has an in. Every teacher in NY had a connection. And trust me, none of Mussolini's friends are unemployed either. Relax. Why don't you act like a real man and discuss the merits of what Mayor Miner said about the financing of pensions, rather than go stupid with your liplock routine on the phallus of the Democrat party? I realize the attraction, but please, attempt to resist. Please discuss issues. This is a new low for you. Which is quite an accomplishment.

I will suggest that even though you are now giving blanket credits indicating from where you steal your posts, it still is a bit ponderous for us to wade through your blather. Why don't you just list websites. That way we can more easily skip over, excuse me, carefully read what you have to say. I know I wouldn't miss a word. I'm always interested in where you take that day's post from. Maybe if you gave us a percentage of how much of each writing is yours and how much is stolen we could make an informed decision. I figure less that 10% is yours.

Anonymous said...

ANON 9:00 PM

You're mentally unbalanced and really should stop with the stupid talk, you're not defaming MCM who is a true genius; you making Republicans look stupid too. I hate people who show everyone how crude the Republican Party has become, a place where 'Logic' has no place.

Mike has one goal in mind to further any candidate who has a 'Progressive' agenda and he can't find anyone in NNY's Republican Tea Party that fits the bill so he backs 'Progressive' Democrats.

As for who's rude on 'Hotline' are you people on drugs. The Mayor asks him to call and he tries to have a serious discussion about 'Pension Smoothing' and then the creeps come out of the wood work. Curry put's something on Newsjunky that reads 'Mayor Graham and the Middle Class Mike show." Then Curry's buddy SG, often on Curry's show calls in to tell the Mayor about it, who then dumps all over MCM for calling when the Mayor himself asked him to call in the first place. Of course Duff who is on everyday talking garbage to the Mayor has to attack him too. And he's a Curry regular, but no one accuses him of being an 'Air' hog right. MCM should stick it to the Mayor for his rudeness. I hope he sets him straight real soon.

I'm Tired of Republican Tea Party Creeps, and I now believe totally that this Mayor is one of them, but hasn't the guts to admit it on air.

Anonymous said...

ANON 9:00 PM

I really hope you don't own a gun, becuase you're psycologically disturbed and in dire need of help quick. Mayor your gutless in letting his attacks against a knowledgable person like MCM continue, when there' never been one example given by this jerk of MCM taking credit for anything he hasn't written. Get off it jerk and write something that isn't fixated on MCM and actually informs us about something important.

Sick of Republican Tea Party Types

Anonymous said...

Mikey, who you trying to kid? Psychologically disturbed has nothing to do with it...you don't want anyone to own a gun.

Anonymous said...

Hey MCMikey she did nothing that hasnt been done in Watertown, The SOB for example thats a popular dumping place for Political connected folk, just like the Hudson/Black river district, Look around MCM, and listen for the pop, .............When his head comes out of his ass for the first time..........................

Anonymous said...

8:55 I don't know what all that means. I will simply point to your observation that Mikey is a "true genius". That says enough right there.

And 9:01, same guy for sure, you have been given numerous specific listings as to where Mikey steals and reprints his posts from. I can't be responsible for your limitations on reading comprehension. Mikey is doing better. At the beginning of each of his thefts/posts, he makes a general statement of where the material comes from, then copies away. That's far better than what he did before. But it is still wrong to steal other people's work. I can' help thinking this has much to do with why the man is unable to secure employment as an educator.

Anonymous said...

Try as you might these Republican wackos can only attack MCM, but never make an argument that refutes what he say and that says a lot to me. Looks like you keep losing elections, because Karl Rove is right you really are the Stupid Party as MCM has pointed out many times.

Call Your Bluff

Anonymous said...


Please take your penis envy elsewhere and while you're at it grow a pair.

Anonymous said...

Not a good comeback, 3:04pm. Nothing to respond to. When you don't steal something, there's nothing there.