Friday, February 8, 2013

Council To Hold Special Meeting in Advance of Work Session

    Monday's City Council work session will include a couple resolutions affirming the completion of the Charter-mandated review of the Manager and Clerk. Because the resolutions are being voted on, I called for a special meeting as resolutions cannot be voted on unless in session.  I wanted all five members to vote on this , as two will be absent at the February 19 regular session.
   Council also will discuss the latest missive from the NYS Liquor Authority on how they want to handle the Devil's Brew at hockey games.
    In the work session, Council will hear from the latest proposed developer to take over Maple Courts Apartments and lawmakers will be briefed on this new Census designation about being an urbanized area.
   Finally, Council is getting a mid year read on city finances and there is a slight shortfall in sales tax and a pretty good shortfall in hydro revenue. There is also a positive bulge in revenue from the sale of property and mortgage tax.
    Monday's special meeting and work session gets underway at 7PM.


Jack Auble said...

so decrease property taxes and raise sales tax

Anonymous said...

The "devils brew" as you call it - you own a bar! Just would like to post to the public how you really are. Rude, arrogant, and disrespectful. I was a customer of your establishment for a couple years. Id come in once a week or so, have a few drinks at the end of my work week, and go home. We interacted on occasion, you always seemed hospitable, and the negative that people had said about you I ignored. I figured a figurehead such as yourself must be pretty good to the public. One day a family member of mine had a vehicle break down. This person had been in some legal trouble, had somewhat of a bad reputation for a while around town, but if you had ever taken the time to talk to him, you would understand that legal trouble or not, he is a genuinely good person, which mind you has turned his life around completely, and is doing quite well for himself. Anyhow, what happened was his vehicle broke down. I was called to help get it to my house which was only down the road from your bar. His truck was in your lot for less than five minutes when you stormed outside, and demanded that it be moved or you would be calling police and a tow truck. You said this directly to me like I was the one who did something to you. I tried to explain what happened and you ignored me and walked into the bar. Since then, I havent spent a dime in your place. I have told many people how I was treated and they also have not been to your place since. I refuse to vote for you. I would vote against simply for the 1 vote against you, even though most believe you are a do-good citizen. Anyone that calls your show and has a different view gets treated like crap. Ive heard it happen many times. The classic "Yeah...well...thats your opinion. Anyhow, moving on..." is something you do often, rather than let that person actually explain why their view is what it is. At the least, you are not very good for radio. You use it as a means to get your view out to the public and try to get people to see things only your way. Luckily you are just a speaker for the town, and have no real pull on what happens here. I will end my rant now. I dont hold a grudge with too many people, most Ive forgiven in my life, but you disrespected me just for being associated with someone you felt better than, and that is an exception to the rule.