Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blade Runner Crushed Skull With Bat, Then Finished Her Off With a Few Accidental Shots Through the Door -

       Remember last year when the plucky and courageous South African was shopped as a hero on TV for running in the Olympics using carbon prosthetics in place of his missing lower limbs.
       Oscar Pistorius, so authorities now say, is just another woman beater who elevated himself to woman killer with the baseball bat to the head culminating in the shooting of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp....Ms. Steenkamp's death is catnip to the tabloids as she was a stunning model and ironically an advocate for the cause of violence against women.
        The Blade Runner is now the blade gunner, charged with premeditate murder and the least the ones people still read...are festooned with her photos.
        Like A-Rod and Bonds, various NBA and NFL thugs, philandering golfers and certain bicyclists, the athletics-media cabal continues to sell human interest stories that inspire and often disappoint.
          As for the Blade Runner, how was this fairy tale ever going to work ?
Oscar Pistorius may have beaten girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp with bat before shooting her: report -


Anonymous said...

If he had just roughed her up a bit, you know, some nice bruises and a black eye, they could have given him an award in Holllieeeewood and he coulda continued to be cool. He even coulda gone to the White House and said cool things. Should have kept the baseball bat out of it.

Anonymous said...

Good thing the LAPD didnt investigate it there would be 6 people wounded.

cat rancher said...

Well now all he has to do is admit to a dream about baseball and skeet shooting.

Anonymous said...

sounds like his defense won't have a leg to stand on..

Anonymous said...

As he told his story, he didn't bat an eye.

His defense will cost him an arm and a leg, unless he gets off on the right foot.

From now on, he won't need to wait on her hand and foot.

ray lear said...

Just think if he gets put into the slammer. He won't have his flipper legs, I would guess, and I have to say life in a South African prison is not to caring. A dude with no legs in prison, I can hear them yelling down the cell block. "I will take him down her!".