Monday, February 18, 2013

148 years later, Heart of Dixie Ratifies 13th Amendment-

      Some things take a little while, and the pace is slower down South.
      Earlier this year, Mississippi officially ratified the 13th Amendment, the post-Civil War change that outlawed slavery.
       148 years later, slavery officially over in Mississippi -


Anonymous said...

This is why Lincoln wasn't the great president all are trained to believe. If we had not fought the Civil War, slavery would have ended just as quickly as it did. And there would have been no reason to support it. The war just made people resist the changes.

Anonymous said...

9:27: WHAT???...You've got to be kidding!!!...We are still fighting slavery in this country...If you don't believe it, travel through the Old Confederacy some time...It's not the same slavery as we had before 1865, but in other forms of suppression.

Anonymous said...

Today's slavery is in a different form. It means you can never own anything and you are not entitled to the fruits of your labor.