Monday, January 14, 2013

Zoo Wins Council Support for Pavillion with Changes to Curb Costs

   City Council decided to move ahead with seeking formal bids on the Zoo pavillion project, but asked for bid options aimed at trimming the estimated $435K price tag.
    Zoo officials headed by Conservancy President Robert Gorman reassured lawmakers the outdoor covered space is what the Zoo wanted when they requested demolition of the Aviary back in 2009.
   That set in motion a three year debate over how best to make the Aviary space useful. 
   Council members said they support helping the Zoo improve its programs as the City has been a partner with the Thompson Park Conservancy for more than 20 years. The City contributed to the initial capital costs in the 80s
    It is hoped if bidding is successful, the facility can be open by this summer in time for June weddings.  The Zoo will use the covered space for educational programs and social functions. Their position is the Aviary never fit any use and the space it occupied was too important to lie fallow.
     Council also heard a presentation on creation of a human resources position in the manager's office, but put off a final decision until a budget session in February.


Anonymous said...

Mayor is no longer a democrat. He is officially a spendocrat.

Dan Francis said...

I assume a fee will be charged to rent, use, or visit this new site, right? You know, to help recoup some of the taxpayer's cost for the project ... meanwhile the streets continue to go to hell.