Saturday, January 12, 2013

What Do You Read and What Do You Do All Day ?

   The other day at a meeting of Advantage Watertown (a public think tank on community issues) I pointed out that voluminous applications for funding and lengthy master plans on economic development are often approved by public bodies but never read.
    A pillar of the community churlishly asked me, just what it is I do read.  Caught off guard at a public session I retreated to the political answer and since the publisher of the local paper was there I reflexively barked, 'why I read John's paper'.
    However, its a question of great import and I will strive to answer.
    I read a lot on-line and the only hard copy paper I ever buy is the NY Post, as I like the format and attitude.
At the Crystal Restaurant on a Saturday Morning

     I read Newzjunky and by extension the publications it links to. I read the on-line WDT, and I read Liz Benjamin's blog as I find it the best summary of Albany nonsense.
     Whenever I hear a word or subject I am not familiar with, I Google it, as I don't like being stumped. As a kid I read the family encyclopedias and almanacs, but those have gone the way of cursive writing.
      I like some liberals and read Maureen Dowd and used to read Frank Rich when he was with the Times. I also like a Krauthammer or a Will now and then.
       Needless to say I listen to a lot of talking head television and radio.
       Of the paper that crosses my desk at City Hall, I pick and choose. I looked through a recent summary of legislation affecting local government and asked questions of staff on things I was interested in. Other things, you just can't take time to read it all.
       The sheer volume of stuff means who have to be either a good scanner or rely on staff accounts. I often appreciation my collegues on Council having interest in some things I don't, and vice versa.
        I engage in a lot of issue-oriented conversation whether on the radio...or at Pete's or just talking to customers at the Pearl Street Pub.
       I support funding for libraries although I haven't signed out a book in some time....
       So to answer the question of what do I read and what do I do all day.
       Well, I try to keep up and am always open to viewpoints.
        Save a couple other guys in town (Wright and Bartow), I am probably the most knowledgeable on political and government issues, and am always striving to be more conversant in sports as its good to be one of the guys at times.
        Just try to do my best with the gifts God gave me.


Anonymous said...

I like the NYPOST too. But the local stores are jacking the price all the time. Not good. Maybe we can get a grant from Cuomo to pay part of the cost.

Anonymous said...

Goggle: "I was a paid internet shill" and read that.
Sounds like Mikey's story to a "T".

Anonymous said...

You have arrived!
You get asked the same question as Palin and GHB! Like them, you are now dumb and you must be painted that way.

You should have said you read Rules for Radicals and Steal This Book. and of course this dream of his fathers:

Then we could count you amongst the open-minded intellectual elite.

Anonymous said...

I read right wing propaganda all day… that is, when I’m not watching it on TV and listening to the radio… it makes me smart...

Anonymous said...

“Goggle: "I was a paid internet shill" and read that.”
Sounds like Mikey's story to a "T".”

And when you’re done with that, Google: “I was an unpaid right wing shill wannabe.”
It sounds just like 6:40PM -- to a “T”

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

“Look who’s calling who a Shill”

So look at how confused I was, I thought Doheny was a shill for Wall Street; and the Mayor was a shill for Doheny. Imagine that? You could knock me over with a feather after I read the enlightened reasoning of ANON 6:40 PM and ANON 6{45PM,

I refuse to believe one brain could house all that stupidity. By the way I have read 'Steal this book' and met Abbie Hoffman, when I attended 'John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Mr. Hoffman was invited after being on trail in the Chicago Seven Trail. Abbie was a very smart guy.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Yes Mikey Abbie was smart.
You should emulate his life.
Especially the last day of it.

Anonymous said...

9:13AM, I understand you’re a clueless dullard that couldn’t get a clue in a field full of clues in the middle of clue mating season…, so here’s a clue for you: If Abbey were alive today, you wouldn’t be worthy of the peanuts emanating from his fecal matter…

Anonymous said...

LOL, 2:33PM, he shoots… he scores!

Metaphorically speaking of course.vejewi 425

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mikey, you don't get to judge my worthiness. I have enough clues not to swallow 150 pills. And I have enough clues that I get what you get in ten years, in two days.