Utica Club Uncle Sam Stein Presented for My Political Acumen

Utica Club Uncle Sam Stein Presented for My Political Acumen
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Friday, January 18, 2013

WDT: Sheriff Burns Fights Back...Says He is Dealing With Incidents

    Jefferson County Sheriff John Burns will take to the radio airwaves at noon today as part of a push-back effort explaining how he has dealt with a series of scandals. The Sheriff has been on his heels of late with criticism being leveled by Legislators and local media over the arrests, misbehavior and lawsuits.
     Sheriff Burns will be the guest on the popular HOTLINE program on AM 1240 and 104.1 FM from noon to one today.
Watertown Daily Times | Sheriff Burns stands his ground


Anonymous said...

Well I hope you come up with some good question for him.
Why did he talk to the DA before deciding not to charge DWI for a guy passed out in his car? Don't police routinely charge DWI when they come upon such a scene, without checking to see if the charges will stick?

Was he aware of the existence of the sexual predator sting going on in his department, that ended up snagging his whole department? If so, what steps did he take to oversee it. If not, does he let his department manage itself.

Anonymous said...

I dont question Mr Burns integrity however he obviously has a problem with picking people to manage people.. I have no doubt all the headlines are politically motivated the same as is going on in SLC with its DA Nicole Duve.. We elect these people t run a department. Part of that is appointing people to take charge of investigations, corrections, civil work and that sees to be the problem.. John possibly in the future will bea little more throuough in his promotional investigations..
The female deputy that made the claims against the detective and her pictures has nothing in the line of crediblility and if its true she has no integrity either allowing those pictures taken I dont care what the reason. Whes whats called a oppurtunist.. Knowing the county is likely to make a settlement of these types of issues becasue its cheaper to pay her off than to fight it.. I feel in this case take ti to court and find out if its trueand go from there.. The undersheriff should resign.. The correctional officer should resign. The deputy caught with the booze should be put on probation, the officer doing the investigation put on leave then probation agian.. Time to get tough John and oh yeh keep up the good work, the Republicans that are making these issues will go away....

Anonymous said...

Who will be his new undersheriff. I know he detests Rugerri as he ran against him. But would be a smart move to have him in there. Shut his opponents up.

Anonymous said...

Ruggerio is a BS artist, I will repeat what needs to happen........Get Rid of the TOYS from the homeland security Grant store........Concentrate on basics, get rid of the framed photo of the Sheriff's Dept. when you walk in at the PSB..........