Saturday, January 19, 2013

WDT: Public Record Becoming Less So for Some

    Limiting of gun permit information to protect cops apparently also is extending to other types of public records. In Syracuse, the Onondaga County Executive tried to prevent on-line property searches of cops to protect their privacy. She dropped the plan, but it's an interesting notion and the beginnings of a new way to limit access to public documents.
     Maybe it is time we clip the wings of the snoopy main stream media with all their award winning exposes and sanctimonious piety about the people's "right to know"?
     Besides, even open governments routinely hide things by a variety of means.
      If I am behind on my taxes, or am granted a divorce, does a list need to be in the Times or on Newzjunky other than to satisfy the insatiable need for "dirty laundry".
      I remember getting my first traffic ticket and the angst of knowing my parents would see the article. Of course the paper only does DWI's now and some of those get only scant reference, so the public's right to know has been slipping for some time.
     At the very least there should be a shield on information about mayors.    
Watertown Daily Times | Gun permits


Anonymous said...

Wow! There are 22 comments on that story already at 8 in the morning! The few I skimmed were from pseudo intellectual self-loathing bitter old fat white guys, whose only point is they have no points.

No discussion on the fundamental error of assuming all government data should be public domain as directed by the freedom of information act.

There have been countless privacy rights put into law over the years and countless case law ruling the Constitution guarantees privacy.

Anonymous said...

well said, enough "bad news" to read, could care less of others transgressions, but, bad news sells news I suppose. Sad