Polar Dip in Alex Bay Saturday at 1PM

Polar Dip in Alex Bay Saturday at 1PM
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WDT: Privateers Face Dry Games Unless Snafu is Cleared Up Soon

   Everything is going so well with the Privateers at the Fairgrounds Arena.
    Good crowds, well run facility, a local business responsibly selling alcohol while the city ran the food concession, actually making some money on hockey nights to help keep the facility open at other times for various youth and family events.
    Now some faux controversy and the experts are scratching their heads (or whatever) and at the last minute Council is told the state wants solely the same entity selling booze and food....
    Now that's not the case at any other festival or fair or other event where the devil's brew is served.  Lots of laws are routinely winked at for the not-for-profits. Now a local business is struggling to meet a February 1 deadline.
     It's enough to make your head explode.
Watertown Daily Times | Privateers agreement with the city put on hold


Anonymous said...

How did Savory get the Contract? Was it put out for bid?

Anonymous said...

Hockey would be even more boring than baseball without booze.

Anonymous said...

interesting... did the alcohol consultant notify the city of this policy when he was here?? That's too bad, it seems Watertown is the only place where there are sports and issues with this stuff. The upside is the city won't continue to lose money on concessions. Not a worst case scenario.

Anonymous said...

Mayor maybe u can help the taxpayers in Alexandria Bay by telling the privateers lady she needs to pay her 13 month past due ice rental bill to the Bay rink. Legal action would cost 4 times the bill and unfortunately she knows that.
This needs to go viral if no payment!
Come on Nicole, pony-up