Monday, January 21, 2013

WDT: Media Tries to Stir the Pot on Gun Law, But Nobody Hops in the Stew

     Sometimes the media agenda is on display.
      At the coverage of the Newtown benefit concert, a TV reporter interviewed me and tried to lure me into talking about the Cuomo gun law, but I didn't bite. That wasn't what the concert was about. It was just a display of grief for a sad event, not a political statement. For many it was just a party with lots of bands from the past forty or so years in NNY.

      Same was true of the print coverage this AM. Then when people weren't interested in making the event into a political statement, the story became that they wouldn't make it into one.
      For the brief time I was there at the beginning to open the event, what struck me is that seeing all those bands I had shared the club scene with, it was like a "This Is Your Life" episode.
Watertown Daily Times | In concert for Newtown, gun debate remains backstage


Anonymous said...

I think it is a tough sell to try to separate the politics from this. But it sounds like you pulled it off.

Today is MLK day and more black kids are still being killed by guns every day, most notably in the cites with the toughest gun laws.

Anonymous said...

Black kids are expendable. At least that's what some people would like to think. Mikey types are more interested in passing ineffective laws that make people feel good than address the real issues. Until Cuomos and their ilk stop looking at gun laws as publicity stunts, minorities will continue to die. Chicago and Detroit, the great centers of gun control, kill more blacks than any other cities. But this doesn't sway race baiters like Al Sharpton. More laws, as


Anonymous said...

Media is just doing their lazy ass job. If you can't introduce facts and inform people, might as well dig up bs and promote emotionalism. This is what encourages the kind of stupidity the Cuomo law just showed. There is no media looking out for anyone, but themselves. It was easy to go to this concert and ask people how the feeeeel. I get so tired of the Pircchitk or however you spell it mentality. Lots of crap, not a fact in sight.