Tuesday, January 22, 2013

WDT: Jefferson County Sheriff’s final report due tonight

      I am not sure how much clarity the public will find in tonight's closed door meeting of the Jefferson County Legislature concerning recent misconduct and miscues at the Sheriff' Department.
       When you are facing litigation, you just have to keep mum as everything you say is fodder for the plaintiff, and even if you know there is culpability, your first obligation is to protect the public treasury and minimize or prevent exposure. 

        Like all of you, I am just an observer and whatever I think or say is the result of what I can figure out from news accounts or what I hear through the grapevine.
         It's the confluence of incidents that's causing the stir.  Any one or two of these items would just be dismissed as personnel items, but this has legislators hearing complaints while on the Stairmaster at the Y, so they feel they have to do something.
Watertown Daily Times | Jefferson County Sheriff’s final report due tonight


Anonymous said...

Its not just the aggregate of incidents that has the department under scrutiny, but the aggregate series of drawn out inappropriate missteps and inactions in each incident.

Anonymous said...

Its not the Sheriffs fault it seems to be
One deputy lack of morality to let pictures be taken of herself
One undersheriff that let is pec))) do his thinking
One correctional officer who was at the wrong place at the wrong time
One road cop that had one to many
Another got intimidated into not doing his job correctly..
They all have due process coming to them however and the media hype and the wanting of Burns blood is uncalled for .. The Ruggerio lovers are behind this...

? said...


Why did they have to report on every little twist and turn. O yes it's fun to see the police get arrested just like the guys down the street who are scum. BUT when you need them to help you fend off the scum down the street they are a hero. Remember you can't have it both ways.

I hope it can all end fast and Sheriff Burns can get on with keeping our county safe, as he has for years.

Anonymous said...

Burns can use the same excuse as the city manager did when one of hers tried to assassinate a citizen.
"I don't micromanage".

To which we must all agree:
"NO you don't".

Anonymous said...

After reading the reports and logs posted today, I do have a problem with some apparent hypocrisy;
It is clear that the keys were in the ignition and the vehicle was running while the deputy was in it and, apparently, unresponsive, at least to some degree. It is clear that there was an open container. It is clear that another deputy, and likely the other witnesses calling 911, felt the subject may be intoxicated. With all these factors in mind, why was the subject not immediately placed into custody, just as any other member of the public. For anyone to say there is no DWI basis here seems contradictory to several basic reasons for an officer to detain/arrest a person for DWI suspicion...Just say'n.

Anonymous said...

10:18: Howzit feel to defend dirty cops?