Monday, January 14, 2013

WDT: Jefferson County Raps Cuomo Tourism Plan

   The Governor's proposal on tourism promotion is drawing fire from Jefferson County Legislator and florist Scott Gray, who says the notion of regionalism and pitting areas against one another in some kind of competition is unwise.
    Meanwhile, the head of Jefferson County's tourism agency is reported to have said Mr. Cuomo's plan is a mystery to him as existing programs promote cross county cooperation where appropriate on things of regional interest like the Seaway Trail.
    The Governor is big on regions (drawn by him) competing for state dollars and then having them awarded at a pageant-like show in the capital.
      Apparently, there is growing private disagreement to the concept.
       Much of the competition is not really such, as monies spent are through existing programs administered by existing bureaucrats.
Watertown Daily Times | Jefferson County officials disagree with Cuomo’s proposed tourism strategy


Anonymous said...

Virtually every notion Cuomo has is unwise...why single out this one?

Its a power grab so that Cuomo can control the purse strings to award his lackeys, such as RINO Ritchie but punish those who oppose his dumb agenda.

Anonymous said...

REDC's were/are nothing more than a smokescreen for reallocation of State funding, providing political cover for the Dems in Albany to reward their favorites.

Other than access to bonding, which makes up the bulk of the 100M +/- the North Country Region has received for each of the past two years, it appears that (other than the Drum inpact area) we are receiving less & less of the "free stuff" that used to flow from/through Albany.

Andy is proving himself to be even more adept at the shell game than Mario.

Anonymous said...

I had great expectations of Cumo when he took office but it didnt take long to see he is simply on a power trip for bigger and better things. Your right about a few mindless followers such as Ritchie could benefit but his agenda is simply DUMB...

Anonymous said...

10:04, The only thing dumber than his agenda is you having great expectations of him when he took office. Its not like he didn't have a terrible track record at HUD and as Attorney