Thursday, January 24, 2013

WDT: Higher Wage an Opportunity for Workers, But May Force Bosses to Be More Picky

   North Country businesses are bracing for a 20% increase in the minimum wage which is sure to pass the Legislature and become effective July 1.
    One thing about the minimum wage is it attempts to regulate all jobs as if they are the same. Some jobs are entry level, some are income supplements later in life, some are summer jobs during college. No such jobs are held by those proposing, debating or advocating for it.
      Many jobs are not part of the minimum wage structure at all, as they are "under the table". Many people prefer such jobs, although a responsible employer is running a risk of getting caught and the employee loses things like Social Security credits and other benefits. 
      Minimum wage in many service jobs means little as the real money is in tips that add several dollars an hour of pay, which more often than not is tax free.
     There are some jobs for which a minimum wage of $8.75 is generous and some it may be stingy.
     The higher minimum wage will force employers to be smarter with scheduling and in a price sensitive environment, businesses may opt for fewer hours of labor in order to hold the line on prices.
      Advice to those seeking to earn a better living.  Show up...look ready to work...make yourself valuable to the more hours and offer to work when others don' a good reference that can follow you to better opportunities.
       A higher minimum wage will mean employers are less likely to "settle". The new law can be a boon to those who want to work and climb the ladder.
Watertown Daily Times | Workers, employers disagree on higher minimum wage


Anonymous said...

Not only do none of the dolts pushing this law work for minimum wage but non of their constituents do either. Just a few poor counties like the ones in our district still have jobs that pay that low.

So now McDonalds will do that math over again and decide if the jobs created by staying open 24/7 are worth keeping. The small town pizza shops will decide that staying open on Mondays and Tuesdays is no longer worth it. The few mom and pop grocery stores will close up entirely if they have not already.

So basically this is a gift to the "Arsenal Streets" in the state. The Super Walmarts and big chains that are busy enough to eat labor costs will fair just fine. And the small towns and north country counties will learn to get by driving to the mall and Walmart for everything.

Anonymous said...

Its unfortunate this guy bought the building that houses the Crystal. He is a known dead beat slum lord. I hope that building doesn't come in to total disrepair.

Anonymous said...

Obamacare and higher taxes means less income. Higher miniumum wage means higher expenses. You raise your prices you lower the volume of business because the cash strapped public buys less. Bottom line: less jobs.

Max Volume said...

Quote: " Advice to those seeking to earn a better living. Show up...look ready to work...make yourself valuable to the more hours and offer to work when others don' a good reference that can follow you to better opportunities."

Or get a State or Federal job and play the 'Affimative Action' card!

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

Gov. Cuomo raise the minimum wage now and whatever you do. don't listen to the 'Stupid Republican Party' until they stop being 'Stupid' and that won't be anytime soooooooon!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Max Volume is right on. Go to work and be productive at it. It costs nothing to be a good worker.