Sunday, January 6, 2013

WDT: Beer Giant to Base Itself in Oswego

   We will find out if bigger is better as the area's largest beer distributor plans to move operations to its Oswego headquarters. Eagle Beverage has been telling customers they have to conform to order and delivery protocols that will limit the number of delivery runs. The firm is also said to be planning to sell liquor in addition to beer.
   Eagle also has reportedly pulled out of a plan to build a distribution center in Watertown.
    To their credit, Eagle is the only distributor to maintain personal contact with smaller retailers by sending a salesman every week, but the old days of calling and asking for a delivery that day are increasingly a thing of the past, although rivals Missert and Doldo still will do that.
Watertown Daily Times | Eagle Beverage

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Maybe short sighted Longway can go to ShwagO and complain about whatever incentives they are getting?