Aaron Woolf Finds His Heritage in Visit to Arcade Antique Shop

Aaron Woolf Finds His Heritage in Visit to Arcade Antique Shop
Democrat Continues Race to the End Despite Polls and Pundits

Sunday, January 6, 2013

WDT: Another Restaurant Review....Arcade Eaterie Lauded as Cozy.

      I always wonder when the food critic comes in, do you know who he is ? I wouldn't recognize Walter Seibel, but a strange face with a posse coming in to eat could raise suspicions.
Food Critic Seen in 2007 Visit to Public Radio
       Also, we live in a small town and doesn't that result in reviews without too many sharp elbows under the basket ?
        I think his reviews are polite and thorough and you can usually read between the lines. A less than tangy tinge but an assessment that fits with North Country tastes which tend towards informal , old-comfortable-shoe style dining with portions as big as all outdoors.
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Right Handed Left Winger said...

When I was in school at CCT in Potsdam...Wally Sieble was a musician and had a joint called Northern Music. Is this the same guy? If so, what makes him a foodie? Then again he wasn't much of a musician either.