Sunday, January 6, 2013

WDT: Another Restaurant Review....Arcade Eaterie Lauded as Cozy.

      I always wonder when the food critic comes in, do you know who he is ? I wouldn't recognize Walter Seibel, but a strange face with a posse coming in to eat could raise suspicions.
Food Critic Seen in 2007 Visit to Public Radio
       Also, we live in a small town and doesn't that result in reviews without too many sharp elbows under the basket ?
        I think his reviews are polite and thorough and you can usually read between the lines. A less than tangy tinge but an assessment that fits with North Country tastes which tend towards informal , old-comfortable-shoe style dining with portions as big as all outdoors.
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Right Handed Left Winger said...

When I was in school at CCT in Potsdam...Wally Sieble was a musician and had a joint called Northern Music. Is this the same guy? If so, what makes him a foodie? Then again he wasn't much of a musician either.