Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WDT: Report: Deputy threw away booze found in Hallett’s car

   Yikes...those reports released today on the drunken deputy case are pretty revealing despite the heavy use of a Sharpee in redacting the documents from the Sheriff and County Attorney.
     The cut-to-the-chase part is the bottle of Red Stag open on the patrol car console and picked up by the investigating deputy and thrown into a field. Out of sight, out of mind.
     Red Stag is a Jim Beam product.
      There's a suggestion of evidence tampering , but also revealing is that the intent was to hush up the whole affair except somebody was threatening to tell the media.
      These are not flattering documents, but I suspect they detail an incident that happens and if someone had not snitched, we never would have known, or cared.
       And what about the dog in the car. Maybe he was drinking the Red Stag ?
Watertown Daily Times | Report: Deputy threw away booze found in Hallett’s car


Anonymous said...

Mayor is there any liability of an officer drinking in a patrol car verses his personally owned vehicle?

Anonymous said...

I read both the Sheriff's report and the county attorney's and they appear to contradict each other. My first impression is that not only is the deputy who arrived at the scene guilty of lying and a cover-up but also the Sheriff himself. The deputy in question was slumped over the steering wheel and essentially unresponsive to the point he could not even lift his arms and used a false name. Then the ambulance crew and State Police are turned away. And the deputy on the scene throws the bottle of Red Stag in the woods. And witnesses stated Hallett appeared intoxicated. The whole thing sounds like a massive cover-up starting with the Sheriff himself. He should resign and the other deputies involved should be terminated.

Anonymous said...

Not any different than the VanWaldick incident years ago..... No one resigned there, many were promoted.

Anonymous said...

I am not one that has much use for cops. And I cannot really string together what happened in this one incident yet. However, I don't really have a complaint with a cop cutting another cop a break.

But what seems to be going on here is that this type thing is happening too often. The chickens are guarding the fox-house, or something like that. For every cockroach you see...

The same thing happened in the Van Waldrick case. It was break after break after break that lead to the final act.

Many have commented here when a councilwoman was charged that she had gotten away with it on many other occasions.

And I can testify with first hand knowledge that the son of a local restaurant owner was not held to the letter of the law before he went on to be convicted of vehicular manslaughter.

In this department it seem it is about the "culture" of the department and the consistent accountability or lack their of.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jeff, you go from throwing a bone to the WDT to Yikes! It must be really driving you nuts that you didn't have the inside scoop on this. Now you know why the Sheriff hid from the Hotline last week.

If you watch WWNY the Sheriff is still defiant and make a thinly veiled threat to expand the investigation. Like Cote, Neff, Kellogg aren't enough Hmmmmm. I wonder who he will try to shut up now. Watch out Mr. Grey, how dare you challenge Sheriff John P. Burns???

The place is leaderless, Burns has lost his credibility, integrity and doesn't deserve our trust any longer.

We all should be demanding his resignation

Anonymous said...

Did the deputy that threw the bottle in the field get a littering ticket.

Anonymous said...

Any guesses who wrote the following on Newzjunky's facebook thread?

"People in authority or who hold political office are often allowed to gather their wit’s before being interviewed by a superior office, or by the Police in general. Deputy Hallet was extended this courtesy by his superior Sheriff Burn’s"

A true Democrat hack. Everyone's favorite Mikey MCM

Everyday Mikey there are a bunch of your Middle Class peeps having their lives destroyed by DWI charges without the same consideration. Stand up and tell the middle class how this is fair again. Get a job

Anonymous said...

It wasnt to many years ago the person on the County Leg was given a pass on an arrest for assault.

Dan Francis said...

On-duty cop in patrol car appears to have been drinking/and intoxicated???

I see no reason for him to be kept on the police force - assuming all the facts are on the table and right now it's pretty clear. Thus, he needs to be dismissed for cause from his position as a police officer - it ws his fault and in these cases, there should be no second chance I am sorry to say.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the deputy that showed up on scene admit to a crime? I am pretty sure he did not get a littering ticket.

Anonymous said...

Hey Danny there's due process, let's give him an Article 15.

Dan Francis said...

Admission of the events is clear to me ... due process, yes; then dismiss him.