Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Watertown Council Nixes (sic) Zoo Pavilion | WWNY TV 7

   Differing views of the same event are possible....Take last night's Council meeting where TV 7 reports the pavillion project was "nixed" while others report (as did I) that Council agreed to move ahead and put the project out to bid with a couple of bid options that could lower cost by deleting stone facing and stamped concrete.
    Sending a project to bid is not something done unless there is the intention to do the project (unless as it did last summer, when bids far outstripped estimates.)
     I am not looking to pick a fight with anyone..It's just I read the same meeting differently.
Watertown Council Nixes Zoo Pavilion | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News


Benjamin Grass said...

Mr mayor bit confused on the issue with the pavilion. Why if its the states zoo why does the city have to pay the bill for any modifications to the zoo. Does the city make any money from admission? Would make sense to me if it were the states zoo then the state should pay the bill.

Anonymous said...

Dump the idea. Scrap the idea. If you have to honor Mr Burns, call the entire place the Karl Burns Zoo and be done with it. This is such BS.

Anonymous said...

They just call it the NYS Zoo. It is not funded by the state. That building, while having many ideas in the past, is woefulley in disrepair. How about an open space for less money, and maybe the City can help with some new exhibits?