Friday, January 4, 2013

      Today started early with a 7:30 AM appearance on WTNY's Morning Show and a talk with Mr. Walts about city issues and what's ahead for 2013.
      A top challenge I have advanced to staff is managing the closure of the Mercy complex on Stone Street as this large and empty structure could pose all sorts of codes and security issues if the owners of record continue their current level of non-interest in the building.
     Also in 2013, we should see the dormitory project proceed at JCC and hopefully continued progress on downtown buildings.
     We hope to continue our partnership with professional hockey and complete the replacement of the Zoo Aviary with a new structure.
     After the radio interview I attended the opening of a Jefferson Leadership Institute session at City Hall, then had a meeting with the Paychex girl. This afternoon I will head to FX to get my oil changed and tires rotated.....While there I will be consulting with Crazy Ray on a variety of issues.


ray lear said...

God knows, yes, there were some issues today. :)

Anonymous said...

I like the first issue on your list. The others sound like issues that have been put to bed or the city isn't that involved with, such as dormitories.

I note that your new super-manager pulled an Obama and made a comment about a city cop's conduct at the high school. Not that I don't hate cops as much as the next guy, but it sounds like the only thing he did wrong was not use the Taser on her when he was escorting her to the office.

Of course the other explanation is that the local rag could have misquoted her, as that is their SOP

Anonymous said...

Yes, the other stuff is pretty small in comparison to the Mercy issue. It would be nice to see the downtown buildings improved as well.