Dog Days... Prominent Manhattan Dachshunds Ready for a Nap

Dog Days...  Prominent Manhattan Dachshunds Ready for a Nap

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The heat is on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to ‘buck’ up  - NY Daily News

   Governor Cuomo proposes a budget today and little new is expected. Budgets are not the news item they used to be as they are so complex, it cannot be digested by the media and public doesn't care. Like most aspects of government from towns to cities to counties to school districts to Albany and to Washington, the budget process is just not something anyone cares about.  Congress hasn't passed a budget in years, yet life continues.
         In state budgets, there is always some kind of "deficit" looming...there will be no stated tax increases, but that's not always a true statement, and we will hear that education is getting more money and that Sandy-damaged houses will be bought out.
The heat is on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to ‘buck’ up  - NY Daily News


Anonymous said...

And NOW, after passing a stupid gun law, placating the ignorant, they are starting to focus on what really happened in CT. Now they are talking about mental health and improper storage. So Mikey, just goes to show you, if we wait long enough to you to gather yourself you and yours will sometimes get your brain on straight. Time heals all stupidity. In most cases.

Anonymous said...

Like last time, the tax increases will be enacted half way through the year and be referred to as a tax cut. That way, the media can swoon over baby Cuomo, and marvel at his ability to deliver a budget on time. Never mind that the budget looks like and MC Hammer Obama budget. But what shall he do about the conspicuously missing "stimulus money"?

Its not that the public doesn't care, but the media has an agenda and critiquing a budget would not fit in with it.

Max Volume said...

I'm thinking of putting together a new law called the "Pay for Politicians Performance Evaluation" prior to ANY of them getting raises.

If a politician gets two consecutive "Improvement Needed" in their annual evaluations, they are FIRED.

I could probably draw this up some weekend over a few Toddies. Anybody with me?

Anonymous said...

My daughter-in-law's parents live in Tenn. No State income tax and no property taxes. The State lottery makes enough money to pay for the State's educational system without property taxes. Whatever happened here in N.Y where all the Poobahs were hooting about how the State lottery was going to virtually eliminate the need for property type school taxes? Don't suppose all that money goes to the welfare pukes who never work and don't intend to ever work, do you? Naw, that couldn't be it.

Anonymous said...

Doris is right there hob-nobbing with the rich and famous, wonder if she's armed?