Monday, January 7, 2013

St. Lawrence County to Local Government: Do Our Bidding or We Kill the Cash Cow

   St. Lawrence County lawmakers are bringing in the heavy artillery in getting approval for a hike in sales tax...They are openly threatening to reduce the current share  of sales tax going to underwrite the local budgets in towns and villages across the Big County.
  They can do that, as local governments (other than cities) have no statutory claim to sales tax.
    If local government poobahs are convinced the threat is real, they will begin pleading with state electeds to raise the tax and let the county keep the additional revenues.
Big County Czar Karen St. Hilaire Says Raise the Tax or the Towns Pay

    The locals shouldn't fold so quickly. They should insist on a share of the new revenue in exchange for their carrying the water for higher taxes.
    Of course the County could just keep the current tax rate and eliminate the share to local governments, forcing them to live within their means.
    St. Lawrence is one of only a handful of counties still at 7%, and since it's run by Democrats, they understand the need for all residents to "pay their fair share."

St. Lawrence County leaders want sales tax hike | NCPR News


Anonymous said...

Cut the SLC payroll to meetthe current tax revenue stream , LIVE WITHIN YOUR. MEANS. !!! The restof us have to live withinour means and these weak sister politicians continually get away withthis nonsense .

Tell your high priced administrator to either get the skills attitudes and behaviors to do full productline analysis and eliminate those functions which do not cover the CORE mission and do notpaythe freight

Anonymous said...

Sen. Aubertine would have had this solved two years ago. Sen. Patty Ritchie is the worst thing that ever happened to St. Lawrence County.

Anonymous said...

9:17 if you mean Sen Aubertine would "solved" this by getting state approval for a hike in the sales tax rate so spending could continue unabated then thank goodness for Sen Ritchie!

Anonymous said...

What if they're tired the cameras on all the power poles and quit song road blocks immigration is supposed to do? Then they wouldn't need more tax money.

Dan Francis said...

Did you purposely pick the word "Big" for Ms. St. Hilaire post title for journalistic impact or for her appearance in your photo?

Jeff Graham said...

No Dan...Watch TV 7, where the weather casters routinely refer to St. Lawrence County as the "big county" due to its geographic size.
No victimology here.

Anonymous said...

She doesn't look particularly big from the looks of that photo...especially for a RINO county woman. chalk it up to part of the war Danny's party wages on women while pointing a fingers at everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Dannie, you're such an ass. Please do not try to make a sexism or fatism or hateism or whateverism issue out of every damn thing that passes by. This couldn't possibly have come to you from DonkeyCentral. You had to come up with this yourself. How stupid. How typical. You must sit in your yard every morning and stew about what could possibly be offensive. You da man.

Victimhood 101
You could teach the class
It certainly would be included in the College of Education

Anonymous said...

Dan I sued the watertown school district francis. Who then couldn't understand why the school board wouldn't appoint him to the boces board. Nah he's the smartest guy in town ,just ask him.

Dan Francis said...

Jeez lighten up -- I pointed out an obvivious use of a word in the post "Big" and asked the question ... so shoot me for asking a questions and pray tell, seeking an answer, which Graham posted...

You long-knives are disgusting and yet try to paint me the same color as you ... buzz off.

I have NEVER sued anyone at anytime anywhere ... the slander poster if I knew he name would "sue" him for defamation of my character ... I say again "I have never sued anyone at anytime, period."

I wish the Mayor would stop allowing that poster to post his flat out lies ... I think I know who the poster is and he is one sick, sick man.

Anonymous said...

Dan, YOU are the one who has threatened lawsuits repeatedly, both here and when you preach on call in shows. Everyone has heard it. Everyone has made note of it. Everyone, especially me, has laughed about it. As a party line Democrat, I expect that is an option that you have considered carefully. So be it. If you have reconsidered and wish to debate, that's good.

As far as "defamation of character", that's BS and you know it. If you believe otherwise, then get a lawyer and go for it. The Donkey party is full of lawyers.

As far as this latest accusation that the Mayor was talking about the weight of the lady involved in the story, thus creating another of your victims, that's BS too. If you say stupid things expect to be called on it. Repeatedly.