Sunday, January 13, 2013

SNAP Retail Locator

    On those EBT cards...I did a search on the USDA site and found nothing other than grocery stores and convenience stores capable of taking the cards in Watertown.
     So, the local media need not follow the lead of the downstate media on this issue. No one is getting a lap dance in Watertown on their EBT card. Those type of things should be paid for in cash anyway.
SNAP Retail Locator


Anonymous said...

I did the search. Gold Star takes the card, but there is probably nobody buying beer, smokes or junk food in there.

Anonymous said...

Mayor, we don't have strip joints in Watertown. What did you expect to find? Don't worry about it. The FreeStuff crowd is firmly entrenched. By next year you will be able to take a cab to William Street, buy ass and drugs, take both home to your taxpayer financed apartment, turn up your NiMo Free heat, drink some food stamped beer and do your ObamaCare cured ho then send her home with a voucher. And all will be done with a benefit card. And Mikeys party will win big again that Fall. Life is indeed grand.

Anonymous said...

Somem more tricks, I was told about:

Get someone shoping with or with a shoping list , and then get paid in cash for, what was just bought with the EBT Card.

Sell them for 50 cents on the dollar.

By what is allowed on items on the EBT Card and then trade them back on the service counter for cash.

I wonder when wen Casinos will accept an EBT card.
by Tyler Durden

Artikel includes an offical guvernment statistic by Gary Alexander Public welfare secretary.

Anonymous said...

What it is are the people that receive "welfare" or cash payments. Anyone who takes a debit or credti card can accept these cards as payment. Even your establishment can accept this card for cash payment. SNAP or Food Stamps are only accepted in certain stores. I think if you look further into this you will see that these cards can be used for other purchases.