Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Shower With a Friend ? Just Shower With Your Phone Instead

    With cell phones now an appendage to the human body, there has to be a way to deal with the need most people feel for bathing and exposure to water.
   Sony now offers a smart phone able to withstand 30 minute submersion without missing a call.
     Who would have thought a generation ago that you'd have to be able to shower with your phone ?
BBC News - CES 2013: Sony unveils bath-friendly Xperia Z smartphone


Anonymous said...

Sounds like all those teenybopper face book pix's are going to get even better.

Anonymous said...

You raise an interesting point, Mr Mayor. With these Obama phones growing out of every drug dealer's hands, maybe we could reshape them and simply have the boys and girls insert them in a body orifice. That way we could at least know where they were.