Tuesday, January 15, 2013

School named after heroic Sandy Hook teacher - NYPOST.com

       Schools are named after lots of people, some of whom may or may not deserve the honor, but in Stratford, CT there could be no more inspiring choice that the naming of a local elementary school after the 27 year old Sandy Hook teacher who lost her life shielding her students from a crazed gunman.
      Stratford was home to teacher Victoria Soto and everytime students attend the school named in her honor, they will be inspired by her dedication to education and to the wards she watched over so zealously.
      School named after heroic Sandy Hook teacher - NYPOST.com


Anonymous said...

We should name our sewage treatment plant after Mikey. Brown sportcoat, big and round, makes sputtering noises, always flows one way..

Anonymous said...

There are many heroic teachers but this person was a symbol of ALL THAT IS RIGHT. With the profession . This honor is not only fitting but reinforces the very best attributes of those who CHOOSE to serve in the field .

Dan Francis said...

9:05 - you are a sick individual whoever you are and shame on Mayor Graham for allowing you to post -- I am sure he knows who you are and could stop your posts (if he wanted to) - disparge, defame, and insult others here is patently wrong.

If one cannot stand by their posts and post their name, then keep your f**king mouth shut.

That too is free speech.