Saturday, January 12, 2013

Russell, Ritchie Face Off Over 'Mark's Law' | WWNY TV 7

   The 2009 killing of EMT Mark Davis while responding to a medical emergency call continues to be the subject of legislative jockeying as now both our state lawmakers are cranking out press releases on different versions of a law to include first responders under the definition of first degree murder.
    The original "Mark's Law" proposed by Senator Patty Ritchie never passed the Assembly and now Assemblywoman Addie Russell has seized on recent tragedies and controversies to craft her own version of Mark's law.
     The new law adds a new crime for recklessly allowing a firearm to be obtained by a nut, such was what allegedly happened last month in West Webster, NY where two firefighters were ambushed and killed.
      Not missing a story in the news, the Russell proposal also restricts hand gun permit information available on the Internet, presumably a sop to FOX News watching gun owners upset over the publication on line of a map of permit holders in Westchester and Rockland Counties.
      I would propose a bill banning laws named after victims as there are so many of them you can't keep track anymore.
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. said...

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Anonymous said...

Ritchie vs. Russell on gun violence? I wonder which of the two is pushing the watered down NRA version of the law?

Hint: Grover Norquist is on the Board of directors of the NRA.

Anonymous said...

What kind of a pussy fireman would not speak up about this cowardly attempt at a special treatment law? As everyone in the county that pays attention knows. There were two murders in that inbred windmill-less neck of the woods.

One was an ambulance driver shot by a wacko whose former address was coincidentally the same local where a psychiatric hospital is located. The other murder was a young grandmother stabbed to death in front of her toddling granddaughter by her grandson-in-law.

Yet the murder of the first responder is supposed to get more punishment? And we need a special law to make that so?

Pleas tell me sissy firboys? How much more punishment should we give out for killing the adult man than the poor grandmother?

Anonymous said...

Patti Rlitchie will be the one followoing Nortquist watered down version of a gun bill.. Why? Shes been told to... Who told her?? Skelos
The bill she introduced was done completely out of publicity gathering and she didnt expect it to pass. She didnt care, it was all done by Graham Wise looking to the future ...
At leasts Russells attempt puts some teeth into the law and covers a much broader area than Wises version. Addies bill also give us gun owners some privacy something Ritchie dosnt care about..

Dan Francis said...

I'll wade in this way: First of all, there are no easy fixes that the NRA would agree to.

The NRA and their hard-nosed tactics are worse than Grover Norquist and his silly tax pledge. Both use tactics to "keep scared pols in line, in their pockets, in office, and on their short leash."

There are easy fixes that make sense and can work, and that I believe we all can agree on:

1. No AR-15 (or similar rifles) in private hands except at a gun club where they stay locked up and used at the range but not kept at home.

2. No 10 to 30 round magazines/clips/or drums – none at all, except maybe at a gun club.

3. Extensive background checks to ensure that only mentally balanced and non-criminal citizens get a gun and only U.S. citizens.

4. A minimum 30-day waiting period for all guns.

5. No gun shows wide open without controls. Buy a gun there as a lay-away and go through the process then pick it up later.

6. No right to carry permiets except in very rare cases and tightly controlled.

We do not need to return to the lawless "Wild, Wild West" days ... those days are long gone (hopefully).

Anonymous said...

Danny boy, the wild west days already exist, every night, in every city populated by democrat voters.

We are reaping all those years you told us how terrible religion was. How terrible school prayer was. That it doesn't matter if teenagers have babies or if there is no baby daddy in the picture. That spanking is wrong and making kids do anything in school is wrong.

Well, now our cities are full of several generations of these sociopathic narcissistic jerks, raised in the progressive utopia you created. And they would just as soon shoot you for some weed or a gold chain as look at you. Thanks Danny.

Anonymous said...

RINO Ritchie is pushing for the pandering public union support version of the law.

NO law should be passed. Murder is murder. Doesn't matter if it is a defenseless child being murdered or a big he-man firefighter looking for pensions and privileges. Both should have the same punishment.

Now if they wanted to pass a law that gave cops double punishment, (instead of 11 measly year), for climbing a ladder and shooting someone, I could get behind that. They could call it Dorr's law.

Or if they wanted to pass a law that gave firemen double the punishment when they get caught doing arson, I could get behind that too. (since too often, arson defendants are firemen) They could call it drama-queen's law.

Anonymous said...

" Lighten up Francis" Please for once in your life think for yourself and not the left winged democrats.Find the wizard and ask for a brain pleassse.

Anonymous said...

Sounds reasonable and sensible to me Dan…, cant’ wait to see how “our friends” respond…

Anonymous said...

4:55, volunteer firefighters are unionized? And arsonists? Thanks for adding to the public discourse.

Anonymous said...

Yes 6:29...that's what I said...I knew you'd understand.

Gosh, why are we forgetting? We should tag a rider on this law that makes all property owned by first responders tax free. They are the real heroes and we owe it to them. But instead of Mark's law we could call it Danny's law.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Danny I enjoy carrying my CCW, I have been carrying since 1979, I dont need anyone planting the seed for the MCM types to fertilize and water to get more laws to grow, and We dont need any more laws named after this person or that person, It's already against the law to kill someone never mind the add-ons........... And Danny-Boy when trouble is seconds away the cops are minutes away......And in the case of the local Sheriff's sitting on the side of the road.